Python Projects with Source Code

Python Projects with Source code solved and explained

Python is one of the best programming languages. Due to its readability and beginner-friendly nature, it has been accepted by industries around the world. So to master Python for any field you have to work on projects. In this article, I will introduce you to 100+ amazing Python projects with source code solved and explained for free.

Python Projects with Source Code

Python Projects For Beginners:

If you’re a newbie to Python where you’ve just learned lists, tuples, dictionaries, and some basic Python modules like the random module, here are some Python projects with source code for beginners for you:

  1. Send Automatic Emails using Python
  2. Defang IP Address
  3. Password Authentication using Python
  4. Web Scraping to create a dataset
  5. Resume Scanner
  6. Merge Sort Algorithm
  7. Pick a Random card using Python
  8. Quartile Deviation using Python
  9. Count Character Occurrences
  10. Pyramid Pattern using Python
  11. Sequential Search
  12. Swap Variables using Python
  13. Sorting NumPy Arrays
  14. Validate Anagrams
  15. Create Tables with Python
  16. Recursive Binary Search
  17. Dijkstra’s Algorithm using Python
  18. Hash Tables using Python
  19. Queues using Python
  20. Validate a Binary Search Tree
  21. Stacks using Python
  22. Check Palindrome Words
  23. Breadth-First Search Algorithm
  24. Plot Annotations
  25. Real-Time Currency Converter
  26. FizzBuzz Algorithm
  27. Extract Keywords with Python
  28. Read Data From Google Sheets with Python
  29. Invoice Generator with Python
  30. Text-Based Adventure Game
  31. Mad Libs Game with Python
  32. Create Acronyms using Python
  33. Alarm Clock with Python
  34. Email Slicer with Python
  35. Story Generator with Python
  36. Generate Password with Python
  37. Play Rock, Paper, and Scissors with Python
  38. Dice Roll Simulator
  39. QR Code Generator
  40. Animal Quiz Game
  41. Print Coloured Text
  42. BMI Calculator
  43. Fahrenheit to Celcius Converter
  44. Taking Multiple User Inputs
  45. Convert Roman Numbers to Decimals
  46. Pearson Correlation
  47. Treemap using Python
  48. Convert Image to an array
  49. Scrape IMDb with Python

Advance Python Projects:

If you have learned the fundamental Python libraries and some of the external libraries, you should now know how to install external libraries and work with them. So if you are at that level now, you can work on all the advanced Python projects with source code mentioned below:

  1. Visualize a Neural Network using Python
  2. Bias and Variance using Python
  3. Get Live Weather Updates using Python
  4. Count Objects in Image using Python
  5. Scrape Trending News using Python
  6. Real-time Stock Price Data Visualization using Python
  7. OTP Verification using Python
  8. Choropleth Map with Python
  9. Egg catcher game
  10. Extract Country Details
  11. Convert Text to Numerical data
  12. AUC and ROC using Python
  13. Interactive Language Translator
  14. Maximum Profit Finder
  15. Language Detection
  16. Histogram and Density Plots with Python
  17. Radar Plot with Python
  18. Create a Chatbot with Python
  19. Stopwords Removal
  20. Unicode Characters Removal
  21. Grammar Correction with Python
  22. Caterpillar Game with Python
  23. Maze Solver
  24. Encrypt and Decrypt Messages with Python
  25. Screen Pet Game with Python
  26. Robot Builder with Python
  27. Generate Word Clouds
  28. Bitcoin Mining
  29. Password Picker
  30. Typing Test Game GUI
  31. Contact Book with Python
  32. Hangman Game with Python
  33. URL Shortner with Python
  34. Digital Clock GUI
  35. Get Desktop Notifications with Python
  36. Use Your Phone Camera for Computer Vision
  37. Music Player GUI
  38. Game of Life with Python
  39. Extract Text from videos
  40. Fidget Spinner Game
  41. Spelling Correction with Python
  42. Create Amazing Graphics with Python
  43. Monty Hall Simulator
  44. Video to Audio Converter
  45. Tic Tac Toe GUI
  46. Calculator GUI
  47. Number Guessing Game
  48. Image Converter GUI
  49. Weight Converter GUI
  50. Visualize a Chess Board with Python
  51. Age and Gender Detection
  52. Bar Code and QR Code Reader
  53. Create Audiobook with Python
  54. Face Detection
  55. Extract Text from PDF
  56. Card Game using DS and Algo
  57. Web Scrapper with Python
  58. Create a Pencil Sketch using Python
  59. Text Editor GUI
  60. Instagram Filters with Python
  61. Count Number of Rainy days in a year
  62. Send Emails with Python
  63. Image Segmentation
  64. OTP Verification GUI
  65. Quick Sort Algorithm
  66. Deploy a Chatbot
  67. Create a Telegram Bot
  68. Scraping Twitter without API
  69. Text to Speech Converter
  70. Keyword Research with Python
  71. Next Word Prediction
  72. Scrape Wikipedia
  73. Lives Game
  74. Web Scraping to create a CSV
  75. Scrape Instagram
  76. Image Filtering
  77. Audio Processing
  78. Analog Clock with Python
  79. Create a Simple Chatbot
  80. Clock APP with Python
  81. 3D Graphs
  82. Calendar GUI

So these were some very useful Python projects with source code for both a beginner and someone in advance level of Python. I hope you liked this article on Python Projects with source code solved and explained. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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