BMI Calculator with Python

The Body Mass Index or BMI is calculated from weight and height of a Person. In this article, I will walk you through how to create a BMI calculator with Python.

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

BMI is a measure of relative weight based on an individual’s mass and height. Today, Body Mass Index is commonly used to classify people as underweight, overweight, and even with obesity. Also, it is adopted by countries to promote healthy eating.

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BMI can be considered as an alternative for direct measurements of body fat. Besides, BMI is an inexpensive and easy-to-perform method of screening for weight classes that may cause health problems.

BMI Calculator with Python

The body mass index is calculated by dividing an individual’s weight in kilograms by their height in meters, then dividing the answer again by their height. Now let’s see how to create a BMI calculator with Python:

Enter your height in centimeters: 170
Enter your Weight in Kg: 67
your Body Mass Index is: 23.18339100346021
you are Healthy

I hope you liked this article on how to calculate Body Mass Index/BMI with Python programming language. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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