Python Practice Questions for Coding Interviews

While learning a new programming language, it is valuable to solve practice questions. When you solve questions, it develops problem-solving skills. If you are learning Python and have completed the fundamentals of Python, your next step should be to solve some Python practice questions as a beginner. So, in this article, I will take you through some Python practice questions for coding interviews every beginner should try.

Python Practice Questions for Coding Interviews

All the Python practice questions mentioned below are for someone who has completed the fundamentals of Python. Solving these questions is your next step in mastering the Python programming language. Some of these questions are also popular in the coding interviews of FAANG, so it will be helpful for you in your journey to become a Python developer.

  1. Detect Capital
  2. Check Perfect Number
  3. Relative Ranks
  4. Repeated Substring Pattern
  5. Counting Bits
  6. Valid Perfect Square
  7. First Unique Character
  8. Assign Cookies
  9. Hamming Distance
  10. Max Consecutive Ones
  11. Construct Rectangle
  12. License Key Formatting
  13. Number of Segments in a string
  14. Third maximum number
  15. FizzBuzz Problem
  16. Reverse a String
  17. Power of three
  18. Move zeroes
  19. Ugly Number
  20. Add digits
  21. Power of two
  22. Find Duplicate Values
  23. Validate Palindromes
  24. Pascal’s Triangle
  25. Check Duplicate Values
  26. Majority Element
  27. Excel Sheet Column Title
  28. Single Number
  29. Best Time to Buy and Sell Stocks
  30. Climbing Stairs
  31. Find Missing Number
  32. Two Sum Problem
  33. Solving Plus One Problem
  34. Remove Duplicates from a Sorted Array
  35. Square Root using Python
  36. Merge Two Sorted Lists
  37. Finding the Longest Common Prefix
  38. Group Elements of Same Indices
  39. Group Anagrams
  40. Calculate Execution Time
  41. Find the most frequent word in a file
  42. Find the number of capital letters in a file
  43. Index of Maximum Value
  44. Index of Minimum Value
  45. Calculate Distance Between Two Locations

The above list of Python practice questions will keep updating with more questions.


So these are some Python practice questions you should try after learning the fundamentals of Python. Some of the questions in this list are popular in coding interviews. I will keep updating the list with more questions regularly. I hope you liked this article on Python practice questions for coding interviews every beginner should try. Feel free to ask valuable questions in the comments section below.

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