Tips to Get a Data Science Job

Data science is one of the highest paying career options today. There are many jobs in this field, some of the most popular of which are Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, and Machine Learning Engineer. If you know you have all the skills required to work as a data science professional and still can’t find a job, this article is for you. In this article, I will give you some valuable tips to get a Data Science job.

Tips to Get a Data Science Job

Below are some of the most valuable tips you should follow to get a Data Science job.

Work on Unique Data Science Projects

A unique project can be your research or a unique solution to a problem. The idea is to get as much attention as possible from the interviewer. There are many resources on the Internet to learn how to solve the most common data science problems. But, if you come up with a new and unique project, it will impress the interviewer.

To get ideas for unique Data Science projects, work on trending topics. For example, the Stock market is getting so popular. But most of the companies that are introducing their IPOs are not able to do well. What could be the reason? Is it their valuation, or it’s the market? Or something else?

Solving such problems will be considered a unique Data Science project. You can also follow us on Instagram for some unique Data Science project ideas.

Work on Group Projects

If you have all the skills to get your first Data Science job, start working on group projects with your batch mates. If your batch mates are not ready for it, find someone online from LinkedIn or other social media communities.

Once you get someone to work on a group project using collaboration tools like Git and GitHub, if it’s possible to write a research paper, do write it. It will impress the interviewer.

Find Jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals. As a job seeker, you will find many job opportunities on Linkedin. I will also recommend you build a strong profile on LinkedIn and grow your connections with Data Science professionals.

If you keep sharing about your projects and achievements on LinkedIn, there is a higher chance of getting recognised by Data Science professionals. It will help you in finding your first or new job.

Create an ATS Friendly Resume

ATS or Application Tracking System is a system to find the most relevant profiles for a particular job. Most companies are now using an Application Tracking System to find candidates with the most relevant skills and requirements for the job.

So if you are one of them who has never got any chance for a job interview, then you should consider creating an ATS friendly resume. There are a lot of tools online to build an ATS-friendly resume, but if you need a professional to build one ATS-friendly resume, I will recommend you to connect with Tahseen Haq on LinkedIn. She is an experienced ATS resume writer.


So below are all the tips on getting a data science job you should take away from this article:

  1. work on unique data science projects
  2. work on group projects
  3. find Data Science jobs on LinkedIn
  4. create an ATS friendly resume

I hope you liked this article on the tips for getting a Data Science job. Feel free to ask valuable questions in the comments section below.

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