Data Science Projects

As a beginner in data science, it’s hard to understand all the concepts you learn without implementing them on a dataset. Working on data science projects and case studies will help you improve your data science skills. If you’re struggling to come up with data science project ideas and how to start and end a data science project, this article is for you. In this article, I will take you through a list of data science projects with Python that will help you learn and implement all the concepts of Data Science by using the Python programming language.

Data Science Projects

Below is a list of Data Science projects with Python that you can try as a beginner. Each of the projects below is solved and explained using Python:

  1. Stock Market Analysis
  2. Netflix Recommendation System
  3. Spam Comments Detection
  4. Website Traffic Forecasting
  5. Restaurant Recommendation System
  6. Online Food Order Prediction
  7. Virat Kohli Performance Analysis
  8. Book Recommendation System
  9. Time Series Forecasting with ARIMA
  10. Smartwatch Data Analysis
  11. IPL 2022 Analysis using Python
  12. Instagram Recommendation System
  13. MNIST Digits Classification
  14. Covid-19 Spread and Impacts Analysis
  15. Instagram Reach Analysis and Prediction
  16. Tinder Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  17. Student Marks Prediction
  18. Online Payments Fraud Detection
  19. Waiter Tips Analysis & Prediction
  20. Tiktok Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  21. Clustering Music Genres with Machine Learning
  22. Ukraine vs Russia Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  23. Stock Price Prediction
  24. Cryptocurrency Price Prediction for the next 30 days
  25. Breast Cancer Survival Prediction
  26. Covid-19 Deaths Prediction
  27. Flipkart Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  28. Stock Price Prediction with LSTM Neural Network
  29. Future Sales Prediction
  30. Article Recommendation System
  31. Netflix Stock Price Prediction
  32. Time Series Analysis
  33. Classification with Neural Networks
  34. Stress Detection
  35. AlexNet Neural Network Architecture
  36. Visualizing a Machine Learning Algorithm
  37. Training and Giving Inputs to a Machine Learning Model
  38. Product Demand Prediction
  39. Electricity Price Prediction
  40. Language Detection
  41. Adding Labels to a Dataset for Sentiment Analysis
  42. Pfizer Vaccine Sentiment Analysis
  43. News Classification
  44. Omicron Variant Sentiment Analysis
  45. Iris Flower Classification
  46. Water Quality Analysis
  47. Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  48. Squid Game Sentiment Analysis
  49. Comparison of Classification Algorithms
  50. Tata Motors Stock Price Prediction
  51. Health Insurance Premium Prediction
  52. Movie Rating Analysis for Beginners
  53. Number of Orders Prediction
  54. Apple Stock Price Prediction
  55. Insurance Prediction
  56. Worldwide Billionaires Analysis
  57. Unemployment Analysis
  58. Car Price Prediction Model
  59. Spam Detection
  60. Count Objects in Image
  61. WhatsApp Chats Sentiment Analysis
  62. WhatsApp Chats Analysis
  63. Microsoft Stock Price Prediction
  64. Covid-19 Vaccine Analysis
  65. Video Game Sales Prediction Model
  66. Student Grades Prediction Model
  67. Saving a Machine Learning Model
  68. Uber Trips Analysis
  69. Google Search Analysis
  70. Tesla Stock Price Prediction Model
  71. Financial Budget Analysis
  72. Click-Through Rate Prediction Model
  73. Interactive Language Translator
  74. Language Detection
  75. Create a Chatbot with Python
  76. Best Streaming Service Analysis
  77. Data Science Project on President Heights
  78. Data Science Project on Birth Rate Analysis
  79. Data Science Project on Time Series
  80. Data Science Project on Area and Population
  81. A Complete Machine Learning Project Walkthrough
  82. Text Summarization
  83. Keyword Extraction
  84. Sarcasm Detection
  85. Social Media Followers Prediction
  86. Amazon Product Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  87. Hate Speech Detection
  88. End-to-end Hate Speech Detection System
  89. End-to-end Fake News Detection System
  90. End-to-end Spam Detection System
  91. Hotel Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  92. Real-time Gender Detection System
  93. Dogecoin Price Prediction
  94. Google Play Store Sentiment Analysis
  95. Amazon Alexa Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  96. Social Media Ads Classification
  97. Fake News Detection
  98. End-to-End Machine Learning Model
  99. Gender Detection
  100. Sales Prediction
  101. Currency Exchange Rate Prediction
  102. End-to-end Machine Learning Project
  103. Profit Prediction Model
  104. Automatic Time Series Forecasting
  105. Ted-Talks Recommendation System
  106. Real-time Sentiment Analysis
  107. Amazon Recommendation System
  108. Mobile Price Classification
  109. Future Sales Prediction

The above list of data science projects contains projects based on classification (Binary and Multiclass), regression, sentiment analysis, text analysis, recommendation systems, and many more. I will update this list of data science projects with more projects regularly.


Working on data science projects and case studies will help you improve your data science skills. The above list of Data Science projects will be updated daily with more projects. I hope you liked this article on data science projects with Python. Feel free to ask valuable questions in the comments section below.

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