Best Books to Learn Neural Networks

A neural network is a computational architecture that connects an input layer to the output layer. Learning about Neural Networks will not only help you in solving complex Deep Learning problems but will also help you do better in an interview for any job based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning. If you want to know all about neural networks, this article is for you. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the best books to learn Neural Networks.

Best Books to Learn Neural Networks

Make Your Own Neural Network

“Make Your Own Neural Network” is a beginner’s guide from learning the mathematics of neural networks to building your neural network using the Python programming language. If you are a complete newbie to machine learning and have no knowledge of neural networks, this book will be the perfect start for you.

It will not guide you to the fundamentals of machine learning, but you will get complete knowledge about neural networks in this book. So, before starting with this book, I will recommend you to learn the fundamentals of machine learning first as there are many concepts in neural networks which cannot be understood without knowledge of machine learning. You can find this book here.

Deep Learning with Python

If you already have enough knowledge about neural networks to start solving deep learning problems, then the book mentioned above will not help you much as it is for complete beginners to neural networks. If you want to prepare yourself for a job interview based on machine learning or deep learning, then Deep Learning with Python by François Chollet is the perfect choice for you.

François Chollet is the creator of the Keras library in Python, which is one of the best deep learning libraries used in the industry. So with this book, you will be learning about solving Deep Learning problems with neural networks from the creator of Keras library. You can find this book here.


So these were some of the best books that you can choose to learn everything about neural networks. Learning about neural networks will not just help you to solve complex deep learning problems, but will also help you do better in an interview for any job based on machine learning and deep learning. I hope you liked this article on the best books to learn neural networks. Feel free to ask valuable questions in the comments section below.

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