Types of Jobs in Data Science

If you think that data engineers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, and data analysts are the only types of professions you get in data science, you are completely wrong. There are many types of data science jobs that are based on a person’s experience, domain expertise, and many other factors. So if you don’t know what types of data science jobs are there for you, this article is for you. In this article, I’ll give you an introduction to types of jobs in Data Science.

Types of Jobs in Data Science

Data science is a broad field, so there are many roles where a company expects employees to use data. For example, marketing is also a huge field, and today, from product packaging to product promotion using SEO and content writing, marketing plays a major role everywhere. So just like marketing, data science is used so much in every business today that there are so many positions today where you need to use data science. Below are some of the types of jobs in data science where you need to learn data science as a part of your skillset for your job:

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Financial Analyst
  3. Enterprise Analyst
  4. Business Intelligence Analyst
  5. Healthcare Analyst
  6. Risk Analyst
  7. Data Privacy Analyst
  8. Reporting Analyst
  9. Data Engineer
  10. Statistician
  11. Data Journalist
  12. Statistical Analyst
  13. Quantitative Analyst
  14. Data Scientist
  15. Marketing Manager
  16. Data Manager
  17. Machine Learning Engineer
  18. Algorithm Engineer
  19. Applied Scientist
  20. Research Scientist
  21. Product Manager
  22. Product Analyst
  23. Data Visualization Engineer
  24. Business Intelligence Engineer
  25. Decision Scientist

These are some of the professions where the use of data science has increased a lot. The above list of data science professions is one of the proofs about the use of data science in every domain. To prepare for any of these job roles, the first thing that you have to learn is the fundamentals of data science and a programming language like Python. Then you can prepare for your preferred data science profession according to your domain knowledge.


So these were some of the jobs where data science is getting used today. These all are different types of data science professions that are based on a person’s experience, domain expertise, and many other factors. I hope you liked this article on the types of professions in data science. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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