Best Python Courses

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. It is mostly preferred by data scientists, machine learning engineers, and web developers. Learning the basics of Python properly is very important because once you have learned the basics, you can learn Python for any profession. So, if you are looking for the best courses to learn Python, this article is for you. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to some of the best Python courses that will help you learn Python.

Best Python Courses

I have found and selected two Python courses on the internet which in my opinion are the best. One of them is free and the other one is paid. You can choose either of them as both have their advantages, if you take a free Python course it will help you learn Python fundamentals for free and then you can start to learn Python Libraries for the Profession that you wish. For example, if my end goal is to become a Data Scientist, I will choose a free Python course and once I have learned Python, I will invest in a course to learn Data Science with Python.

If you take a paid course, you will get the same knowledge as in a free course, but the difference is that you will get a certification of your course when you complete a paid course. Now, if you are one of them who wants to get more opportunities in Python only rather than learning about data science, web development, or any other area where Python is required, you should take a paid course because you will get a certification which will help you find jobs in some cases.

Although certification does not always guarantee job opportunities, some companies nonetheless ask for certifications. So if you don’t have a professional degree I will recommend you to take a paid Python course and if you want to learn Python as part of a long term course such as data science or web development I will suggest going with a free course as there is no difference between a paid course and a free course today, the only difference is that a paid course gives you a certification. Below are the best Python courses I have found on the internet for you.

The Complete Python Course for Beginners: YouTube

This is one of the best Python courses available on YouTube. It is available on the Tech With Tim YouTube channel. There are undoubtedly many other Python courses on YouTube that you can take, but most of them focus on Python for data science. Out of all the Python courses available on YouTube, I think this course is the best and easiest to learn. This course is divided into four sections:

  1. Beginner Python Programming
  2. Object-Oriented Programming 
  3. Intermediate Python Programming
  4. Expert Python Programming

As it is available on YouTube, it is free to learn. You can find the link to this Python course below.

Become a Python Developer: LinkedIn

There are so many paid Python courses available on the internet, so choosing the best course among them was a very difficult task. Browsing through all the Python courses, I found a course on Linkedin that in my opinion is the best Python course if you want to get certified. You will find 13 sections in this course:

  1. Learning Python
  2. Python Essential Training
  3. Python Object-Oriented ProgrammingĀ 
  4. Programming Foundations: Data StructuresĀ 
  5. Python Data Structures: Stacks, Queues, and Deques
  6. Python Data Structures: Linked Lists
  7. Python Data Structures: Dictionaries
  8. Programming Foundations: AlgorithmsĀ 
  9. Python Standard Library Essential Training
  10. Python DecoratorsĀ 
  11. Things You Must Know in Python
  12. Advanced Python
  13. Python Essential LibrariesĀ 

You can find this Python course here.


So these were the best Python courses on the internet that you can choose from. You can choose either of them as both have their advantages. I hope you liked this article on the best Python courses on the internet. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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