Best Programming Languages for Web Development

There are many programming languages for web development today. Some of them only focus on front-end development or back-end development, while some focus on full-stack development. So, if you don’t know which programming language to choose for web development, this article is for you. In this article, I will introduce you to the best programming languages for web development.

Introduction to Web Development

If you have not yet started your journey in web development, know that there are three main choices for you in web development:

  1. Back End Developer
  2. Front End Developer
  3. Full-Stack Developer

A back-end developer focuses on the operation of the website. Let’s say Google, you go to Google to find information on anything. When you google something, from the suggestions you see below the search bar to the results you get, it’s all a back-end developer’s job. A front-end developer focuses on creating the website interface. If I take the example of Google again, then the interface you see when you reach Google, the changes you see on the interface on every special occasion, or whatever you see on a website in front of you is the work of a front-end developer. And if a person does both the work of a front-end and a back-end developer, that is a full stack developer.

Best Programming Languages for Web Development

I hope you have now understood what web development is and the jobs you can do in web development. Below are the best programming languages for web development.


Today, JavaScript is the most popular programming language among the developer community. It is also one of the most beloved programming languages and one of the most hated programming languages. But it is without a doubt one of the best programming languages for web development that you can learn. The best part about JavaScript is that it allows you to build both the front end and the back end of a website. So if you want to become a full-stack developer, JavaScript is for you.


Python is another very popular programming language among the coding community. It’s simple and easy to learn with the good support of libraries. Python is preferred for only two areas of computing; Web development and Data Science. Just like JavaScript, you can also use Python for front-end and back-end development, as the Django framework in Python provides all the tools you can use to build a complete website using Python.


TypeScript is developed by Microsoft for web development. You can think of it as an advancement to JavaScript, just as C++ is to C. It is not as popular as JavaScript in the developer community, but it is widely used in all of the big tech companies. Some of the big tech companies prefer TypeScript over JavaScript for web development. Google is one of the biggest companies that use TypeScript in its web platforms like Google Analytics, Firebase, and even Google Cloud.


So you can choose any programming language between JavaScript, Python, and TypeScript for web development. If I had to choose one of these languages, I would learn the basics of all three languages for web development and then choose the language that interests me the most. Hope you liked this article on the best programming languages for web development. Please feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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