Python AutoML Libraries for Data Science

AutoML helps solve advanced machine learning problems, even if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about data science and machine learning concepts. A startup can use AutoML to save time and money, while a data scientist can use AutoML in some advanced problems that can be time-consuming using traditional machine learning approaches. So, in this article, I’m going to introduce you to the best Python AutoML libraries that you should know for data science.

Python AutoML Libraries for Data Science

If you are planning a startup, AutoML can help save you time and money. As a data scientist, it’s your wish to use AutoML or not, but there are some amazing Python AutoMl libraries that you should know as a data scientist. So here are the best Python AutoMl libraries you should know:


Pycaret is a low-code machine learning library in Python that allows you to choose the best machine learning model for your problem in just a few lines of code. After you get an idea of which model you should select for your problem you can use that model from the PyCaret library itself in just a few lines of code. I use Pycaret when I am confused about which machine learning model should I use. You can learn how to use the Pycaret library from here.


AutoKeras an is AutoML library in Python that can be used to train neural networks in just a few lines of code. So we can say that it is an advanced version of automated machine learning for the implementation of deep neural architectures. I have never used Autokeras but still, if I want to use it I will be using it on the problems related to image classification. You can learn more about AutoKeras from here.

H2O AutoML:

H2O AutoMl provides so many features to a data scientist for efficient model training. Some of the best features that it provides are:

  1. automatic feature engineering
  2. automatic hyperparameter tuning
  3. automatic model selection
  4. automatic model validation

You can learn more about H2O AutoML from here.


There are more AutoML libraries in Python for data science but in my opinion, PyCaret, AutoKeras, and H2O AutoML are the best among all the automated machine learning frameworks. I hope you liked this article on Python AutoML libraries for Data Science. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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