Python GUI Examples

A graphical user interface (GUI) helps to interact with an application by providing a better user experience. You can think of a GUI as the interface of a website that helps you interact easily. To build your own GUI application with Python, you need to do a lot of practice going through lots of Python GUI examples. So, in this article, I’m going to introduce you to some of the best Python GUI examples that will help you improve your GUI programming skills.

Python GUI Examples with Source Code

Real-Time Sentiment Analysis

Python has so many libraries for GUI programming like Tkinter, Kivy etc. But now we can also create interactive web applications using Python in just a few lines of code. The streamlit library in Python helps in creating interactive web applications. So here you will learn how to create an interactive user interface for the task of sentiment analysis in real-time. You can find this tutorial with the complete source code from here.

End-To-End Machine Learning project

You can also use the streamlit library in Python to create end to end machine learning applications. One such example can be found here. In this Python GUI example, you will learn how to deploy a text emotions detection model by using the streamlit library in Python.

Music Player GUI

Both of the above Python GUI examples are based on machine learning and the deployment of machine learning models into an interactive web application. Now if you want to create your music player application for your computer system then you can try this application. Here you will learn to create a music player GUI with Python.

Encrypt and Decrypt GUI

You can have heard a term known as end to end encryption, which means to hide your message by replacing it with a secret code. Most of the companies that provide the services of emails and chatting have their unique ways of encrypting your messages. You can also learn how to encrypt and decrypt messages using Python from here.


So these were some of the best Python GUI examples that you can try to improve your GUI programming skills. Here I have tried to cover both beginner and advanced level examples. I hope you liked this article on Python GUI examples with source code. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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