How To Learn Machine Learning with C++?

A lot of computer science students have C++ as their main programming language but when they want to start with machine learning they learn languages like Python or R. So is C++ not a good language for machine learning? Yes, C++ is a good language for machine learning but as Python is used more in the industries for machine learning so C++ is not that popular for machine learning. But if you want to learn machine learning with C++ then this article is for you as here I will take you through how to learn machine learning with C++.

Should You Learn Machine Learning with C++?

C++ is a difficult programming language compared to Python. If you compare Python’s syntax with C++’s syntax, you will find that Python’s code looks like a pseudocode in front of C++’s code. As C++ and machine learning have so many difficult concepts to understand, the two cannot be learned together from scratch.

So it will be a difficult journey if you want to learn C++ and ML together. So it is advisable to only learn machine learning with C++ if you are already perfect in C++. The reasons why Python is prefered in the industries over C++ are:

  1. Python is more easy and flexible than C++.
  2. As we are having so many machine learning libraries in Python, it makes us focus more on problem-solving than programming.
  3. When you are learning machine learning you have so many difficult concepts to remember and implement by using a programming language. So using easy language helps us to focus more on the concepts.

So if you read all the reasons mentioned above, you will find that Python is only used because of its simplicity. But if you don’t want to learn Python and continue ML with C++, you will have some advantages such as:

  1. C++ is powerful and faster than other languages that are popular for machine learning.
  2. Most of the powerful machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow are built using C++, so you can also create such frameworks for the machine learning community using C++.
  3. If you use C ++ for machine learning, you will be preferred over others for placements.

How to Learn Machine Learning with C++?

I hope you have now understood when you should learn ML with C++. In short, if you are already familiar with the C++ programming language only then learn ML by using C++ as both of them cannot be learnt together. Otherwise, Python will always remain the best programming language for machine learning.

For learning machine learning with C++, you have to go through some books as there are very few resources on the internet for learning machine learning with C++. Below are some of the best books that you can follow to learn machine learning with C++:

  1. Understanding Machine Learning
  2. Hands-on Machine Learning with C++


I hope you now have understood when you should learn ML with C++. If you are perfect with the concepts of computer science with C++ then you can go ahead. Otherwise, choose Python as the primary language to learn the concepts of machine learning then in future you learn to implement the same concepts using C++. I hope you liked this article on how to learn ML with C++. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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