Machine Learning Projects for Beginners

Working on some machine learning projects is one of the most useful strategies you can use as a beginner to learn machine learning. As a beginner, you are out of ideas about how to start with a project or which data you should use. So, in this article, I will take you through 4 machine learning projects for beginners.

Machine Learning Projects for Beginners


A Chatbot is an application that interacts with users like a human. Chatbots are typically used to resolve the most common queries that a business receives from its customers daily. For example, if you want to know the CRN of your bank account, a chatbot will assist you by asking for your bank details, then it will give you your CRN. But if you want to know something that is not that common, like asking how you can turn your account into a joint account, chances are the authorized employee will assist you. So while creating a chatbot for any company you should know what that company deals in and what problems their customers get daily. You can learn to create a chatbot using Python from here.

Stock Price Prediction:

Stock price prediction is an amazing use case of machine learning. To predict the future prices of any company we can use the historical data of that company. Predicting the stock prices is based on the task of regression in machine learning, so you can use a linear regression model to predict the future prices of any company. You can find the complete project of stock price prediction using Python from here.

Click-Through Rate Prediction:

In any advertising agency, it is very important to predict the most profitable users who are very likely to respond to targeted advertisements. By predicting the click-through rate, an advertising company select the most potential visitors who are most likely to respond to the ads, analyzing their browsing history and showing the most relevant ads based on the interest of the user.

This task is important for every advertising agency because the commercial value of promotions on the Internet depends only on how the user responds to them. A user’s response to ads is very valuable to every ad company because it allows the company to select the ads that are most relevant to users. You can find the complete project on click-through rate prediction from here.

Hotel Recommendation System:

We all plan trips and the first thing to do when planning a trip is finding a hotel. There are so many websites recommending the best hotel for our trip. A hotel recommendation system aims to predict which hotel a user is most likely to choose from among all hotels. So to build this type of system which will help the user to book the best hotel out of all the other hotels. We can do this using customer reviews.

For example, suppose you want to go on a business trip, so the hotel recommendation system should show you the hotels that other customers have rated best for business travel. It is therefore also our approach to build a recommendation system based on customer reviews and ratings. You can get the complete project on the hotel recommendation system from here.


So these were some of the best machine learning projects for beginners that you can start with today to learn machine learning. All the projects mentioned above are solved and explained by using the Python programming language. I hope you liked this article on machine learning projects for beginners. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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