How to Create a Data Science Resume?

If you want to get a data science job, the first thing you need to have is a data science resume. A resume is a document that gives the first impression of a candidate, so it should be well prepared according to your desired position. So, in this article, I will take you through you how to create a data science resume.

Steps to Create a Data Science Resume

Creating an impressive resume for the job you want is the first step towards your first job. Think of it as a Facebook profile, if you don’t have a good Facebook profile, chances are your crush will ignore your friend request. A resume works like this too, if you are not able to give a good impression of yourself then there is a good chance that you will not be called to the interview or you will not be seen as a perfect candidate. So below are all the necessary steps that you should take to create a data science resume.

An Impressive Profile Summary:

To create a Data Science resume your priority should be to write an impressive summary of your profile. I have seen many resumes where the summary of a candidate’s profile starts with “To work for an organization that offers…” An interviewer must have read such lines so many times that he will ignore it after reading the first two words which may result in a loss of interest in your resume. But if you have written something unique in your profile summary then you will be able to get an eye on the recruiter for a longer time. So you can write about your future goals and how much you are passionate about data science in the profile summary of your resume.


Then after your profile summary, your next focus should be on presenting your best data science projects that you have worked on. Try to build an end to end application for every project that you have mentioned in your resume because the recruiters are not well aware of understanding the complex numbers and numerical arrays that you get in the output. If you are showing how your work performs in the final product they will appreciate your efforts.

While mentioning your projects make sure that you use proper keywords about them because most of the companies are now using applicant tracking systems which are used to find the most relevant candidate who can work on a project.

Mention Your Skills:

If you have a data science certification, you should still list all the skills you have, as a data science certification may not sum up all the skills you have in an applicant tracking system. So be sure to mention any data science skills you have as well as any other skills. Your data science skills may include skills like Python/R, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. whereas the other skills include skills like patience, research, solopreneur mindset etc.

Final Words

If you are still confused about how you can create an amazing data science resume then you can have a look at the sample resume for a Data Science resume from below:

How to Create a Data Science Resume?

You can also get some guidance from Miss Tahseen Haq on Linkedin about how to create an amazing data science resume to make sure that an applicant tracking system can find you while searching for a perfect data science candidate. I hope you liked this article on how to create a Data Science resume. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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