How To Become a Self Taught Data Scientist?

Data Scientist is one of the best jobs in the IT industry today. So many professionals capable of coding are considering shifting their careers to become data scientist. If you can code or want to learn to code, you can also become a data scientist no matter what course you are doing or what job you are doing right now. You don’t want to spend a lot to become a data scientist today because there is so much knowledge available on the internet today that will help you get your first job as a data scientist. If you don’t know me, I must tell you that I am also a self-taught data scientist. So, in this article, I’m going to walk you through how to become a self-taught data scientist.

How To Become a Self-Taught Data Scientist?

There is no fixed syllabus or set of topics that can make you a data scientist in today’s competition. But every subject has fundamentals that never change. Data science also has a few basics that you need to get started with first. No matter what tools or programming language you use, in the end, you need to implement what you have learned in the basics of data science. So, to give you a brief roadmap on how to become a self-taught data scientist, I’m going to walk you through the complete roadmap I followed to learn data science.

Start with Python:

There are so many programming languages you can learn for data science, but the languages that give you good support for data science tasks are Python, R, Matlab, and Julia. So I started by learning Python, as I was not from a coding background so I spent about 3 months learning the Python programming language. You have two choices: learn only the basics of Python and get started with Python Libraries for Data Science or spend more time learning Python as it will help you build applications as part of your data science task.

There are so many resources on the internet that can help you in learning Python. Below is the best youtube tutorial that I followed to learn Python:

After going through the above tutorial, you can practice some Python projects to improve your programming skills. You can find some of the best Python projects with source code from here.

Learn Python Libraries for Data Science:

After learning Python, your next step is to learn the Python libraries that you need to implement the fundamentals of Data Science. Below are the Python libraries that you need to learn for data science:

  1. NumPy
  2. Pandas
  3. Matplotlib
  4. Seaborn
  5. Plotly
  6. Scikit-learn
  7. TensorFlow
  8. PyTorch

You can learn about all these Python libraries from the books and other resources mentioned below:

  1. Python Data Science Handbook
  2. Fundamentals of Data Visualization with Plotly
  3. Python Machine Learning
  4. Deep Learning with PyTorch

After going through all the resources and books mentioned above, your next step is to work on your problem-solving skills. You can find some of the best Machine Learning projects solved and explained using Python from here. It will help you in solving case studies and will also help in creating a good portfolio of your machine learning projects. 

Final Step:

After completing all the steps mentioned in this article to become a self-taught data scientist, your next step is to get your first data science job. Getting your first data science job is hard work in such competition, but if you know what recruiters are looking for in a Data Scientist, you can easily get your first data science job. You will get all the steps that you need to follow to get your first data science job from here. I hope you liked this article on how to become a self-taught data scientist. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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