Career Opportunities with C++

C++ is not a pure object-oriented programming language but an upgrade to the C programming language that contains the functionality of C with some more upgrades. We can use C++ for creating universally usable applications, programming hardware, creating operating systems, creating libraries for other programming languages and creating portable programs for various platforms. C++ is one of the fastest programming languages today and still, you have a lot of career opportunities with C++. In this article, I will take you through some of the best career opportunities with C++.

A lot of beginners choose modern programming languages such as Python and JavaScript over C++ to start with coding as they think C++ will not offer better career opportunities. But it is not true as the fundamentals of computer science can be only learnt with languages like C++ and Java. So if you are appearing for an interview where your role will be based on the Python programming language then still if you have learnt a language like C++ you will get an advantage.

Career Opportunities with C++

The main objective of all those who enter the world of programming is to be placed in multinational corporates. Many modern programming languages like Python and JavaScript are chosen by beginners today because these languages are used more in industries than languages like C++. So why you should learn C++? Are there still any career opportunities with C++? Yes, of course! Below are some of the best career opportunities with C++.

C++ Developer:

The role of a C++ developer is to work on both desktop and native mobile applications. Today C++ is used in MNCs to create native modules and applications for various operating systems. So as a C++ developer your primary job is to develop desktop and native mobile applications which requires very low-level implementation. 

Some companies hire a C++ developer to create libraries and packages for other programming languages. If you are familiar with the Python programming language, you may be familiar with TensorFlow, one of the best libraries used for machine learning. TensorFlow is written in C++ and CUDA and it is very popular among Python programmers.

Software Engineer:

Most software requires a very low-level implementation, which is one of the advantages of using C++. So when a company wants to build an electronic device that requires a very low-level implementation, they want engineers to use C++ to program the operating system of the electronic device.

C++ is also preferred by companies very active in the field of robotics. Since C++ is one of the fastest programming languages, it’s easy to program robots with a low-level implementation to get the feedback you want and quickly.


There are many roles in the market for someone very good with the C++ programming language, but C++ Developer and a Software Engineer are the best career opportunities you can have with C++. I hope you liked this article on the best career opportunities with C++. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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