A Journey from Commerce to Data Science

We see a lot of career transitions to data science today, but some students still worry that if they start learning data science and at some point, they start to have difficulties in understanding the data science concepts. Most non-coding students have this fear, they also keep asking that whether someone non-coder can become a Data Scientist or not. For those who don’t know much about me, I want to tell you that I was also from a non-coding background. As a commerce student, there were pros and cons in my journey from commerce to data science. In this article, I’ll walk you through my journey from commerce to data science.

My Journey From Commerce To Data Science

Like all students, I was also very confused about what to do after graduation. I was very passionate about writing quotes, poems and articles during my graduation, so it was very clear from the start that I wanted to build a career in writing.

During my graduation, I saw data science and machine learning become popular, so once I visited an institute in New Delhi, India, the advisor introduced me to data science and the salary packages that companies offer to people who can work with data.

So I joined this institute where they started teaching me Microsoft Excel, after finishing that I was introduced to the Python programming language which I found very easy and interesting. I found it so interesting that I started to learn Python on my own. After a while, Covid-19 arrived and classes stopped at that institute. So I decided to learn data science on my own like I learned Python on the internet. Below are the resources I have followed to learn data science on my own:

  1. Python for Data Analysis
  2. Machine Learning Recipies
  3. Python Machine Learning Tutorials

After learning about data science and machine learning from these resources I started working on some practical use cases which I have posted here.

Pros and Cons for a Commerce Student while Learning Data Science

In Commerce, we learn statistics and mathematics which continues till your graduation. I was not very good at mathematics but I was very good at statistics. So mathematics helped me a lot in understanding machine learning. Statistics was one of my favourite subjects which is very helpful in data science while analyzing data. So statistics is very important as it helps you a lot in understanding the concepts of Data Science.

As I am not from a proper coding background so I only learned Python at the initial stage of my career, then I learned the C++ programming language as it is helpful in coding interviews. But while deploying machine learning models I faced difficulties as I don’t know much about HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Although as I use the streamlit library in Python now to deploy machine learning models so it is not a con anymore.


I hope my Journey from commerce to Data Science has helped you in understanding how someone from a non-coding background or a commerce background can learn data science. As I was very passionate about writing from the beginning so I decided to teach the world about Data Science and Python for free. I hope my work helps you. I hope you liked this article on my journey from commerce to data science. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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