Best Companies for a Data Science Job

As a fresher in data science, you must be thinking about which companies will be best for you to apply for your first data science job. As a fresher, we aim for companies which can give us a great experience to work with new and advanced technologies and where you will get to learn the most of what a data scientist does in a company. In this article, I will introduce you to the best companies for a data science job.

Best Companies for a Data Science Job

Data science is one of the best career options in this century. There are many reasons why this is one of the best career options today. One of the main reasons is that it is a very well paying job when you get experience working with data. But to start somewhere, you always have to choose one of the best companies for your first data science job as it will help boost your career because all the best companies are the best if they are very active in building data products, and only in such companies, you can learn the most of working of data.

So below are some of the best companies that you should aim for your first data science job.


Working as a Data Scientist in a company like Accenture has many advantages. It has a great training program and a very large amount of data work. If you join Accenture as your first data science job, you will learn a lot about data science here.


The life of working at a company like Amazon is very great as it is a hub of self-motivated people. Working as a Data Scientist at such a company will grow many opportunities in your career. Some of the key skills that you will learn here other than data science are:

  1. Being innovative
  2. Thinking big
  3. Being Self-motivated


Apple is another good option to start with as a Data Scientist. There are a lot of benefits that you get here including healthcare and discounts offers. The working environment is very relaxed here. It is found that Apple is always one step ahead in terms of technology, so as a data scientist you will get to learn a lot here.


Google is like the most dream company to work for. Working at Google will allow you to work on issues that if not solved on time then it may affect the way people use the internet. Google is doing great work in terms of satisfying its user base and employees. As a data scientist, there is no company where you can learn more as compared to Google. Android is a product of Google, Google Search gets 90% of all search engines, and there are so many products by Google through which it gets a vast amount of data to work with every day.


So these were some of the big tech giants that you can focus on for your first Data Science job. Working in such companies will give you a good experience and will also boost your career with so many opportunities. I hope you liked this article on the best companies for a data science job. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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