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Most people new to Python often don’t know which IDE or code editor to use for coding. There are so many IDE and code editors available today that give you so much more functionality than just running your programs. So, in this article, I will introduce you to the best IDE for Python.

How To Choose an IDE?

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. From writing basic programs to building advanced software applications, everything can be done using an IDE. To select an IDE to write your programs, you should always check if it meets all the conditions mentioned below:

  1. Always check whether it supports your operating system.
  2. Always check whether it integrates very well with your Operating system.
  3. If the developer of an IDE and the Operating System is the same then always choose that IDE as it will integrate very well with your operating system.

There are a lot of features that IDEs provide today but don’t look at the unnecessary features while selecting an IDE such as features like auto-completion of code. The auto-completion of code is one of the features many beginners find an IDE very helpful. But this is not a great feature actually that you should look for in an IDE. This feature may affect your coding skills and you will also not be able to do code faster in coding interviews.

I hope you now have understood what features you should look for in an IDE. In the section below, I will introduce you to the best IDE for Python programming in my opinion and why I think it is the best IDE for Python.

Best IDE for Python Programming

In my opinion, Visual Studio Code is the best IDE for Python and even all other programming languages. I have always used the Windows operating system from learning programming to creating applications based on machine learning. I have used so many code editors and IDEs but VS Code becomes my favourite when I started using it.

The only reasons that I can give about why VS Code is the best IDE for Python are that:

  1. It integrates very well with windows.
  2. It is not heavy software which is a very useful feature when building large and complex applications as some applications take a long time to run but if your IDE or code editor is also heavy software, your program will take longer to run.

I mostly use Python and C++ programming languages, both these languages runs smoothly in the VS Code. So according to my experience, Visual Studio Code is the best IDE for Python and all other programming languages.

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I hope you liked this article on the best IDE for Python programming. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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