How To Learn Python for Web Development?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages. It is mainly used in data science, machine learning, and web development. There are so many libraries and frameworks in Python to get started with web development, but learning them step by step will be a big step in your career as a web developer. In this article, I’ll walk you through how to learn Python for web development.

What is Web Development?

To get started with Python for web development, you need to know what exactly web development means. Web development, therefore, means creating and maintaining websites consisting of a frontend and a backend. The frontend is the appearance of the website the user is interacting with, and the backend is the logic behind user interaction.

For example, Google, every time you go to Google you only see a search engine because that’s why Google is famous. So you search for a query and get the best results. When you search for a query, you interact with Google’s front-end, and when you search for it, the algorithms in the back-end begin to find the best results for you. This is what web development is.

How To Learn Python for Web Development?

To learn Python for web development, you need to be familiar with some of the popular Python web frameworks. So what is a framework? A framework is a collection of packages and modules that help you while developing a complex application. Django and Flask are the most popular and recommended web frameworks to learn Python for web development.

Django is a full-stack framework for Python that provides so many open source tools for web development. It was built by a team of experienced developers to provide the web development community with a framework for hassle-free web development. It is an open-source project with thousands of users and contributors around the world. From its inception, until now, it has evolved as a versatile web development framework that can be used to develop any type of website. You can learn the complete Django framework for Web development with Python from here.

Unlike Django,Ā FlaskĀ is not a full-stack web framework, so it means you will not get much support for creating a complete website using Flask. So why Flask? Flask is a good choice to get started with Web Development using Python. It provides you with all the basic tools to build a web application. Some of the big tech companies like Netflix and Uber also use Flask in their web applications. You can learn the complete Flask framework for Web development using Python formĀ here.


Both Django and Flask are the best Python frameworks for web development. As a beginner, start with flask as it will help you to learn creating web applications and APIs. Then after learning Flask, start with Django which will help you to learn how to create a complete website using Python.

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