Machine Learning Project Ideas

Machine learning helps a business solve complex problems where we don’t program an application but train it so that it can learn to react in different kinds of situations. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to some machine learning project ideas that will help you create great projects to improve your portfolio.

Where We Need To Use Machine Learning?

For some amazing machine learning project ideas, think about where you can use machine learning instead of programming. Below are some of the areas where machine learning is used instead of programming:

  1. Problems where existing solutions require a lot of code to meet all requirements. Here, a single machine learning algorithm can simplify the code which always works better than coding each condition.
  2. The complex problems for which the traditional programming approach is not able to find solutions. In such cases, machine learning algorithms can be productive.
  3. When the problems are related to a very dynamic environment, in such situations we have to keep modifying the code which seems less productive compared to the machine learning approach.
  4. When the output is completely dependent on historical data.

Machine Learning Project Ideas

I hope you now have understood where you can use machine learning instead of traditional programming. Now let’s have a look at some of the great machine learning project ideas that you can use for creating your next machine learning project.

  1. Product Image Classification: Analyzing the images of products in a production line to automatically classify them. This problem is based on the problem of image classification. You can use convolutional neural networks for implementing this project.
  2. Brain Tumour Detection: Detection of tumours in the human brain is the problem of semantic segmentation. Here you need to classify each pixel to determine the exact location and shapes of tumours. Again using convolutional neural networks will be a good choice for this project.
  3. News Articles Classification: Classification of news articles is the problem of natural language processing and text classification. You can use Recurrent Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks or even transformers for this task.
  4. Flagging Offensive Comments: Once you have performed a task of news articles classification then you can proceed with the next level of text classification which is sentiment analysis. In this problem, you have to train a model to flag offensive comments in discussion forums.
  5. Chatbot: Creating chatbots will never go out of fashion. One thing you should make sure of while creating your next chatbot is to train it for answering real-life questions rather than playing around with simple questions.
  6. Forecasting Revenue: All the projects above are based on either classification or NLP. Forecasting the revenue for the next year of a company is a problem of regression. You can use Linear Regression, SVM, Random Forest, or even an artificial neural network for this project.
  7. Customer Segmentation: Customer Segmentation is the best task if you are planning to work in a product-based company. This is a task of clustering where you have to design a marketing strategy based on the purchases of different segments of your customers.
  8. Product Recommendations: Recommendation systems will never go out of fashion. You can create a recommendation system based on any product or service. You can use NLP techniques or even an artificial neural network for this task.
  9. Voice Assistant: Voice assistant is an application that reacts to your voice commands. This is a task of speech recognition, here you can use RNN, CNN or even Transformers.
  10. Intelligent Bot: Creating an intelligent bot is the task of reinforcement learning which is a branch of machine learning that trains agents to pick the actions that can maximize the rewards over time. So you can create an Intelligent Bot as the next machine learning project. 


So these were some amazing machine learning project ideas that will help you select the topic on which you can create your next machine learning project that will help you improve your portfolio. The above list of machine learning project ideas can go on and on, but hopefully, now you should get a feel for your next machine learning project. You can find solutions to some of the projects mentioned above and over 200+ projects using Python from here.

I hope you liked this article on Machine Learning project ideas. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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