Python Vs Excel for Data Analysis

To learn data analysis, we usually start by learning Excel as the first step as it has always played a major role in every task as a data analyst. But when it comes to big data, Python comes in with more features. So what is better to learn? In this article, I will introduce you to Python vs Excel for data analysis.

Python Vs Excel for Data Analysis

Excel spreadsheets act as a standard tool for all businesses, large or small, everyone uses Excel. So it’s a tool that we can use to store data, analyze data, and many other types of things that include calculations. While Python is an ideal programming language for data analysis and machine learning.

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So the biggest difference between Python and Excel is that Excel is a tool and Python is a programming language. So we cannot compare these two in all aspects. So I will only make comparisons based on working with data only. As data is the only aspect where both Python and Excel are used.


The main advantage of using excel is its simplicity and the way you can easily analyze data with a few numbers of clicks. Whereas Python is the best programming language for data analysis and machine learning.

The support for libraries and frameworks in Python makes it even more powerful and easy to use while working on the huge amount of data. While in Excel, we can install plugins that help to work with data by adding more functionality, but we generally don’t use a lot of plugins in Excel as much as we use libraries in Python.

Working with Data

While working with big data, the functionality of excel can help, but it slows down the app so we can say it can’t handle big data. While Python’s libraries and frameworks allow it to work on Big Data. So while working with big data, a spreadsheet can be useful, but Python will upgrade the entire data analysis lifecycle.

So we can say that Excel is the best tool while working with a decent and small amount of data. It can also be used to create basic visualizations and it is very easy to create basic visualizations with just a few clicks in Excel.

While Python is the best for working with any kind of data. From text, images, audio, satellite images to any kind of data you can think of, we can easily work on that kind of data using Python. Using Excel is easy compared to Python because Excel is a tool and Python is a programming language. But Python is very easy to learn programming language.

Python Vs Excel: Conclusion

Excel is a great tool, but it has many limitations compared to the technologies currently used on the market for working with Big Data. While Python can give every tool and programming language great competition when it comes to working with big data. Hope you liked this article on Python Vs Excel for Data Analysis. Please feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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