How to Get a Data Science Job?

Even after getting so many degrees and certifications, so many people who can compete with any data science professional in terms of skills are also out of a job. So where are you lagging? Is this your skills? No, that’s the way you present yourself. In this article, I’ll walk you through how to get a data science job.

How To Get a Data Science Job?

Even after having had so many skills, you are not able to get an interview call or you are not able to impress the recruiter. The problem isn’t with your data science skills, it’s with the way you present yourself. So what do I mean by that? Let’s see how to introduce yourself to get a Data Science job.

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Create an Impressive Profile on LinkedIn:

You must have heard people say to build a good portfolio of projects on Github to get a job in data science. But something more important than a portfolio of projects is having an impressive profile.

How will you show your projects to the recruiter? By sending an email directly or texting them on social media? No! Thus, recruiters will take a look at the quality of your Linkedin profile and then search for your projects.

So as a first step, you need to create a really strong LinkedIn profile by adding a good profile photo that looks professional and adding a cover that justifies your profession. For example, take a look at my LinkedIn profile below:

The profile photo looks professional and the cover shows the output from a machine learning model so someone looking at my profile can think of me to call for a job in data science.

The next thing to show in your profile is a good description of you. And the last thing in this step will be to use a LinkedIn feature that you are open to work and keep posting about your work, like data science projects you have worked on, just keep posting about the project you do and the technologies used in them.

Create a Portfolio on GitHub:

The next step is to publish the projects you’ve worked on Github and share the link from your GitHub account on LinkedIn as a Portfolio. Your projects should be advanced enough that recruiters get impressed.

In general, we don’t upload the best data science projects we’ve created on GitHub for fear that someone might copy our projects. But if you’re looking for a Data Science job, you need to show off your best projects on GitHub.

Focus on Startups:

The last suggestion I can give is that you should apply anywhere for a data science job. Initially, if you don’t have any hands-on experience, only look for jobs in startups.

Working in a startup learns a lot about how a small business can grow, and the best thing is that startups can’t afford to have an experienced Data Scientist, so you can look for more opportunities in a startup at the initial stage of your career.


So, to get a data science job, the first step is to build a strong profile on LinkedIn and connect with as many people as you can so that every time you post a data science project, it reaches more people. The second step is to build a good portfolio on GitHub by adding your best data science projects. The last step is to apply everywhere and try to focus more on startups.

I hope you liked this article on how to get a Data Science job. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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