How Machine Learning Works in the Cloud?

In the data-driven industry, people often say that deploy your machine learning model in the cloud, what it is, and how machine learning models work in the cloud. In this article, I’ll walk you through how machine learning works in the cloud.

So What is a Cloud?

When someone says your data is stored in the cloud or needs to deploy your machine learning model in the cloud, you just need to make sure you don’t get confused here. Cloud has nothing to do with white fluffy material, it is a type of storage used to store data somewhere in a large data collection created using servers very identical to your computer systems.

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Some experts define a cloud as a service that runs on the Internet instead of a local machine. This is correct to a certain extent, but frankly, a cloud has nothing to do with the Internet. A cloud is indeed connected to servers connected to the Internet, but a cloud is only storage without the Internet.

A cloud has nothing to do with something only big tech companies can create. If you have two networked systems and you use one of them as your data server, that means you have your cloud storage.

Typically, people use cloud storage to store a huge amount of data that their business generates every day. But there are many more services than just using a cloud to store data, like using a cloud to deploy your machine learning models. In the section below, I’ll walk you through how machine learning works in the cloud.

How does Machine Learning work in the Cloud?

Using the cloud requires internet access most of the time to connect to the servers that connect you to the cloud. Using internet access to use the cloud limits machine learning applications like self-driving cars that don’t guarantee you have good internet connections all the time. So in such situations, you can use the IoT devices where you don’t need to connect to the internet all the time.

So how do machine learning models work in the cloud? It depends on the cloud storage service you use, but in most cloud services you are allowed to set up a Python virtual environment and you can immediately train and deploy machine learning models in the cloud.

As an example, let’s say Amazon Echo and Alexa. It listens to you and sends the speech to the Amazon AWS cloud where the machine learning model behind these products has been deployed. So it listens to your submissions to AWS, then the model gives responses, takes that response, and sends it back to you as a verbal response.

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