Object-Oriented Programming

Object-oriented programming is a programming technique that means writing programs to solve a particular problem. In this article, I will give you an introduction to object-oriented programming.

What Is Object-Oriented Programming?

If I don’t want to get too technical, in simple English I can describe it as if there are different types of languages and different techniques and methods to design each language. Thus, among these languages, the most successful and widely used method is object-oriented programming or OOP.

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It is a design that attempts to mimic real-world problems to contain objects with their properties and methods executed by the objects.

Let’s Understand By Example:

Let’s understand the concept of OOP from the example of a car. Let’s say that a car is an object, we know that all cars are different in terms of properties such as design, model, year, colour, size and some special features that make them completely different from each other.

But one thing to note here is that all cars have some methods common to all cars, such as we can drive them, increase and decrease speed, turn on the air conditioner and some other controls common to all cars.

Thus, an object in object-oriented programming is not a physical object like a car because it is only present inside the computer. However, we have a class in OOP which is like a car factory, it is used to create a different kind of items for different purpose like sport, sedan, hatchback.

How To Start with Object-Oriented Programming?

Python is very similar to an object-oriented programming language. So we can say that like human control of a car, in the same way, that a language like Python consists of certain commands that allow us to control all kinds of objects.

To learn object-oriented programming, you need to learn the basics of Python so that you can start by controlling objects. It’s like once you know how to drive a car, you will easily learn to drive any car in the world.

Hope you now know what OOP is and why it matters. I tried to cover the full explanation in simple English by taking an example of the car. I hope you liked this article on what is OOP. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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