What are Modules in Python?

In the Python programming language, modules are sets of code that can be used to solve some very common coding problems. The use of modules in Python is that they provide fewer bits of code so that you can focus more on the logical part of your code. In this article, I’ll give you an introduction to modules in Python.

Introduction to Modules in Python

There are so many modules built into the Python programming language. The collection of modules is known as the standard library. Below are some of the very useful Python modules that you should explore as a Python beginner.

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  1. datetime: The datetime module helps you work with dates. Using this module, you can get today’s date which will be used to automate things or calculate the time left for a special day.
  2. statistics: this module can be used to calculate the average or find the most frequent or most common value in a list of numbers. It is a very useful module to analyze the average score of any game.
  3. webbrowser: what if you want to control the web browser using Python? With the webbrowser module, you can do it easily.
  4. random: The random module is often used to make a random selection from a collection. Some very common beginner-level programs are mostly based on the random module.
  5. socket: The socket module in Python allows a program to communicate across networks and the internet. This module can also be used to create an online game using Python.

Using Modules in Python

To use a module in Python, you need to tell Python that you want to use a module. To tell Python that you want to use a module, you must use the import statements. There are different types of ways to import a module in Python depending on how you want to use it.

Now let’s see how to import a module in Python:

import webbrowser

The above one-line statement imports the whole webbrowser module. Now let’s see how to import a particular function from a module:

from random import choice
direction = choice(["North", "South", "East", "West"])

In the first line of the above code, only the choice function is imported from the random module. Now, what if you want to rename a module in your Python code? Here is a simple way:

from time import time as time_now
now = time_now()

I hope you liked this article on what are modules in Python programming language. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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