Steps to Learn Data Science

A data scientist is now everyone’s dream job. First, ask yourself a question: do I want to become a data scientist? When you feel like learning new things from your inner gut, start following a learning path. In this article, I’ll walk you through all the steps to learn data science.

How To Learn Data Science?

Most data science professionals come from other fields like business or maybe quit their jobs and then started from scratch to learn data science. The transition from other fields to the field of data science is very difficult because it requires learning new tools and languages.

But don’t worry, I’ll make this skill journey a bit easier for you. This article will give you an overview of all the steps required to learn data science.

Let’s take a look at the roles and responsibilities of a Data Scientist before we see how to learn data science:

  1. Data collection and cleaning
  2. Perform statistical analysis of the data
  3. Visualize and make inferences from data
  4. Model good algorithms for future prediction

Steps To Learn Data Science

Now let’s see all the steps to learn data science. All of the steps will also include the resources where you need to learn more.

Step 1: Learning the basics of Data Science

First, we need data to work on. Where this data comes from is the basic need. Data can come from anywhere in real life. Almost most of the time, we are solving a problem to improve the company’s revenue and help the company.

In the corporate sector, we have a food chain, a real state, a financial sector, consumer goods. For society, we need to develop new products to help them. For example, forecasting rains, developing vaccines, etc. Work with data that needs to be collected in their particular area.

Data should be stored in a readable digital format. The data can be used to create reports and future forecasts for businesses using advanced statistical tools which are machine learning algorithms.

Step 2: Learn Statistics

By learning about statistics we can easily get to know about the kind of data we are working with. Data can be of any type it can be a population data or sample. In data science, most of the time, we only work on the sample data.

You can learn about the statistics that you need for data science from here.

Step 3: Learn a Programming language

The next step is to learn a programming language. Now, various languages make the tasks of data science easy. But the best ones are Python and R. Out of Python and R, I will recommend you to learn Python.

Now you don’t need to learn the complete Python programming language. For data science, you only need to learn the fundamentals of programming by using Python. You can learn all the Python that you need for data science from here.

Step 4: Learn Machine Learning Algorithms

Learn machine learning algorithms is the most important part of the field of data science. All the predictions come after modelling data with machine learning algorithms. There are many concepts in this area to learn about choosing a good algorithm.

You can learn all the machine learning algorithms from here.


Here is a quick summary of all the steps you need to follow to learn data science:

  1. Learn the basics of data science
  2. Learn statistics
  3. Learn a programming language (Python or R)
  4. Learn machine learning algorithms

I hope you liked this article on all the steps to learn data science. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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