Programming Languages and Their Uses

A programming language is a set of vocabulary and grammatical rules that allow a computer to perform specific tasks such as app development, web development, machine learning etc. In this article, I will give you an introduction to which programming language is used for which task so that you can understand programming languages and their uses.

Programming Languages and Their Uses

There are so many programming languages available today like C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Golang, R, to name a few. So there is more than 600 programming language today and so many are still in the development. 

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There are so many tasks that can be done by programming languages like web development, app development, security analysis, data analysis, data science, machine learning, creating operating systems, creating new programming languages and many more.

Not every programming language can be used for every task. In simple words, every language is used for that specific task where it is perfect for. To understand more about the programming languages and their uses let’s see the table below that shows which programming language is best for which task.

Which Programming Language is Best for Which Task?

Now there are so many programming languages, I cannot cover all of them so I will only explain to you the uses of top 9 programming languages according to their demands in the market. Let have a look at the programming languages and their uses:

Programming LanguagesUses of Programming Languages
JavaScriptWeb Development, Smart Presentations, Server Applications, Web Servers, Games, Smartwatch applications, mobile applications, Flying Robots.
SwiftiOS Development
ScalaAndroid Applications, Desktop Applications, Front and back end development, big data and data analysis.
GolangFirmware and OS Development, User Interface Development, Front end development, mobile app development, game development, automation.
PythonWeb Development, Game Development, Scientific Applications, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Desktop GUI applications, Web Scraping applications, competitive coding, coding interviews.
ElmWeb Browser-based GUI, Front end development
RubyWeb applications, web browsers, web servers, modules and framework development.
C++Creating Games, GUI applications, Databases development, OS development, Web Browser development, Graphic Development, Cloud Development, Building Compilers, Libraries Development, competitive coding, coding interviews.
JavaDesktop GUI applications, Mobile applications, Embedded Systems, Web applications, software development, competitive coding, coding interviews.

I hope you have now understood which programming language is used for which task. I hope you liked this article on Programming languages and their uses. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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