Merge Sort using C++

Merge sort is a sorting algorithm based on the divide and conquer technique. It works by dividing the arrays into two halves and then combines them in a sorted manner. In this article, I will walk you through the implementation of Merge Sort using C++.

What is Merge Sort?

Merge sort is a neat algorithm because it is the sort that sorts itself. This means that sorting by merge requires very few comparisons and exchanges; instead, it relies on a divide-to-win strategy that’s slightly different from that used by quicksort.

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The merge sort begins by dividing the array to be sorted in half. Then he divides each of these halves in half. The algorithm repeats itself until all of these subarrays contain exactly one element. At this point, each subarray is sorted. In the next phase of the algorithm, the sublists are gradually merged, until we get our sorted original array, of course.

Merge Sort using C++

Now let’s see how to implement this algorithm by using the C++ programming language:

Merge sorting is as fast as quick sorting, both in trade and comparison. The downside of merge sorting is that it requires more copying of data from temporary tables to the full table, which slows down the algorithm a bit.

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