What Does a Data Scientist Do?

Data scientists must be extremely curious, and they must also be able to think critically and thoroughly. In this article, I’ll explain who a data scientist is and what does a data scientist do.

Who is Data Scientist?

Data science is based on curiosity, questions, discovery, and constant learning. A real data scientist will tell you that money has never been a motive for them, it is about being able to satisfy their curiosity and use their skills to solve problems.

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Turning data into meaningful insight isn’t just about finding the answer, it’s also about finding what’s hidden. Problem-solving is a journey that gives data scientists the intellectual stimulation they need while bringing them to a solution. They love to be challenged and they are passionate about what they do.

A data scientist very often uses machine learning to create algorithms that automate and simplify parts of problem-solving, which is essential when it comes to complex data-driven projects. I hope you now know who is a Data Scientist. In the section below, I will take you through what does a data scientist do.

What Does a Data Scientist Do?

So what does a Data Scientist do? The objective of Data Scientists is to identify new sources of data to analyze, then to build predictive models. They can even run simulations of possible events to see the results. All of these factors help the scientist to see a possible reality of a situation before implementing any innovations or discoveries.

This way of using data allows organizations to predict and prepare for problems before they get out of hand and can even show future opportunities as events unfold in the real world.

Many data scientists use software such as NoSQL, Apacheā„¢ Storm, and HadoopĀ® to sort and identify non-traditional data such as geo-locations or sentiment data, then correlate that data with traditional data, such as business data.

Data scientists also want to secure the future of their work, so they are taking precautions to ensure that there is a backlog of relevant data for future reference and find a way to store it cost-effectively and securely. Their expertise and ease of data storage are further enhanced by the development of technology-based storage ā€œfacilitiesā€ – for example, cloud data storage.

There are also some fairly sophisticated analysis tools for their profitability, some even offered for free online as Open Source tools. Data scientists have a wealth of financial tools at their disposal that is used to improve and transform the way business is done.

Types of Data Scientists and what they do

Hope you now know what a data scientist does. The Data Scientist job title covers a wide range of skills that can be narrowed down to four categories of engagement:

  1. Data Analyst:Ā Some job postings call for data scientists, but what they need is someone skilled in Excel and familiar with the MySQL database. Sometimes people are hired for the data scientist position, but as long as they know how to spool reports and data from MySQL and work with Excel PivotTables, you’ll be fine. Sometimes they are invited to work with teammates on a Google Analytics account.
  2. Data Engineer:Ā Some job postings list the typical skills of a Data Engineer under a Data Scientist label. If you are a data engineer and know the skills they list, take your chance and apply. Machine learning expertise, statistics, and other software engineering skills are all helpful.
  3. Statistician:Ā Companies that run data-driven services sometimes need employees who can handle intense machine learning activity and consumer-driven data analysis – in fact, many even run on a platform of data analysis. These jobs require someone skilled in statistics or math, but someone with some knowledge of physics could probably do that too. Usually, these people want to advance their studies in the field.
  4. General Analyst:Ā Some companies ask for data scientists, but focus more on finding people with machine learning or data visualization skills. This means that the company already has a team of data scientists and just needs someone to take over the lightest of tasks, which would mean it would be a great learning experience for you. You can apply for it, and it will give you a good insight into what the job of data scientists looks like.

I hope you liked this article on who is a data scientist and what does a data scientist do. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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