Machine Learning Interview Preparation

In this article, I will take you through a complete Machine Learning Interview Preparation step by step process. Machine Learning is a field of Artificial Intelligence, the person doing a job in machine learning field needs to train Machine Learning models by using the mathematical algorithms like Linear Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest any many more.

Due to Covid-19 situations, many companies are conducting a virtual interview, which is an online interview conducted by the company. The process remains the same whether it’s Online or Offline, the candidate must be good in all the skills mentioned below.

Machine Learning Interview Preparation

This machine learning interview preparation is followed by some steps mentioned below:

  1. Portfolio Creation
  2. Data Structures and Algorithms
  3. Practical Knowledge
  4. Theoretical Concepts
  5. Communication and Influencing Skills

Portfolio Creation:

The first step in Machine Learning interview preparation is to create a portfolio of your projects which is the most important part of your career in Machine Learning. No Interviewer will call you for an interview if you don’t have a portfolio of your projects.

There are many ways to show your portfolio online like a personal blog, or GitHub. Now you can also use a Medium account to show your Machine Learning skills. If you will have a good amount of followers on the day of your interview it will give a very good impression about you that you have a very good image in the Machine Learning community.

Having a blog will also give a very good impression of you if you are getting good traffic. Here are some of the projects that you can add to your portfolio:

  1. Online Shopping Intention Analysis
  2. Amazon Bestselling Books Analysis
  3. Covid-19 Cases prediction for next 30 days
  4. YouTube Trending Videos Analysis
  5. Calories Burned Prediction
  6. Gender Classification Model
  7. Air Quality Index Analysis
  8. Pneumonia Detection
  9. Employee Attrition Prediction
  10. Restaurant Recommendation System

Learn Data Structures and Algorithms

Learning Data Structures and algorithms is a part of every coding interview, so the next step in Machine Learning interview preparation is to learn all the concepts of Data Structures and algorithms. Now it is up to you which language you want to prefer to solve problems related to DS and Algo, but C++ is the most preferred programming language for DS and Algo problems.

If you can solve problems using C++ programming language then it will give a very good impression about you that you can even work on future projects like building Machine Learning libraries. You can learn Data Structures and algorithms using C++ from here.

Practical Concepts

The next step in your machine learning interview preparation is to work on your practical concepts, that is showing your practical knowledge. The interviewer can ask you the practical implementation of any concept of Machine Learning so you must be having the complete knowledge of every concept that you have shown in your projects.

For example, suppose you have done a project where you have used the Linear Regression algorithm provided by Scikit-Learn, so if Interviewer asks you how you will implement this algorithm without using a library you should know how to do that.

So to tackle such situations in your machine learning interview you should have all the knowledge of machine learning concepts practically. You can learn all the concepts of machine learning using the Python programming language from here.

Theoretical Knowledge

The next step in your machine learning interview preparation is to learn about all the theoretical concepts of those topics that you implement practically. Like all the algorithms that you use how you decide to choose among them and how you decide to visualize which type of graph to understand the data.

You can only learn these type of theoretical concepts when you study deeply about the topics from the books. Now reading books may get difficult for you while you are preparing for an interview so, in this situation, I will suggest you to keep exploring our articles, we keep updating you with all the useful concepts that you should know. Otherwise, you can download some good machine learning books from here.

Work on Communication and Influencing Skills

Communication skills mean that you can express yourself, and Influencing skills means your power to influence others. These two skills are an important part to sit in any kind of interview. So the next step in your machine learning interview preparation is to work on your communication and influencing skills.

I hope you liked this article on all the steps that you need to follow in the process of your Machine Learning Interview preparation. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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