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In this article, I will take you through 30 Python projects for beginners and python developers solved and explained. Python is one of the most demanding programming languages today, so if you want to improve your skills in Python then you should work on the 30 Python projects solved and explained below.

30 Python Projects For Beginners and Advanced Level

  1. Calculator GUI with Python
  2. Number Guessing Game
  3. Image Converter GUI
  4. Spelling Correction with Python
  5. Weight Converter GUI
  6. Chessboard with Python
  7. Bar Code and QRcode Reader
  8. Card Game with Python
  9. Quiz Game with Python
  10. Creating a Web Scraper with Python
  11. Pencil Sketch with Python
  12. Text Editor GUI
  13. Instagram Filters with Python
  14. Send Custom Emails with Python
  15. Create a 3D Video with Python
  16. OTP Verification GUI
  17. Scraping and Download Youtube Videos with Python
  18. Deploy a Chatbot with HTML, CSS, and Python
  19. Telegram Bot with Python
  20. Scraping Twitter without API
  21. Unique Password Generator GUI
  22. Text to Speech with Python
  23. Bar Chart Race with Python
  24. Scrape Wikipedia with Python
  25. Translate using Python
  26. Scraping Instagram with Python
  27. Generate Interactive Maps
  28. Python Calendar GUI
  29. Python GUI for Data Entry
  30. Creating Graphics with Python

Why Should You Work on Projects?

Working on the above projects will improve your skills like working on real-time situations, building your algorithms, and the most important the practice you will get after working on these type of projects will always help you to crack coding interviews.

Once you have completed these simple python projects, I will suggest that you learn machine learning and then start working on machine learning projects because Python is the best programming language for machine learning.

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I hope you liked this article on 30 Python projects for beginners and advanced level. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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