Machine Learning Projects for Portfolio

A great machine learning portfolio is a collection of industry-standard machine learning projects that can prove that a candidate has all the required machine learning skills. In this article, I will introduce you to 20 machine learning projects for portfolio solved and explained with Python.

20 Machine Learning Projects for Portfolio

  1. Online Shopping Intention Analysis
  2. Amazon Bestselling Books Analysis
  3. Covid-19 Cases prediction for next 30 days
  4. YouTube Trending Videos Analysis
  5. Calories Burned Prediction
  6. Gender Classification Model
  7. Air Quality Index Analysis
  8. Pneumonia Detection
  9. Employee Attrition Prediction
  10. Restaurant Recommendation System
  11. Face Mask Detection
  12. Breast Cancer Detection Model
  13. Stock Price Prediction
  14. Earthquake Prediction Model
  15. Heart Disease Prediction Model
  16. Google Landmark Detection Model
  17. Title Generator
  18. Election Results Prediction
  19. Named Entity Recognition
  20. Fashion Recommendation System 

How To Create a Machine Learning Portfolio?

A machine learning portfolio can be available in one of two main versions – GitHub or a personal website or blog. A personal blog or a GitHub profile is a powerful indicator that you are an actively participating machine learning expert. 

Having an active GitHub account is important to showcase the machine learning projects that you have worked on. Writing a blog about machine learning projects you have worked on with carefully crafted project presentations or sharing your work experience with a machine learning tool on the blog is of great value and is a great form of advertising your machine learning skills to the employer.

You can get more tips on how to create a Machine Learning portfolio from here. I hope you liked this article on 20 Machine Learning Projects for portfolio solved and explained with Python. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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