Object Detection Projects with Python

In this article, I will introduce you to 12 object detection projects with the Python programming language. Object recognition or detection is the process of describing a set of related computer vision tasks that involve activities such as identifying objects in digital photographs that predict the class of an object in an image.

Object Detection Projects with Python

  1. Flower Recognition
  2. Face Mask Detection
  3. Google Landmark Detection Model
  4. Face Detection
  5. Deepfake Detection
  6. Fake Currency Detection
  7. Colour Recognition
  8. Image Recognition
  9. Named Entity Recognition
  10. Face Landmarks Detection
  11. Object Detection with Yolo and TensorFlow
  12. Human Activity Recognition Model

How does Object Detection work?

Object recognition is a task of computer vision in the field of machine learning. It is considered to be one of the difficult and stimulating tasks of computer vision.

Object detection or recognition aims to detect all instances of objects of a known class, such as people, cars or faces in an image. Usually, only a small number of instances of the object are present in the image, but there are a very large number of possible locations and scales at which they can occur that need to be explored in a way. or another.

Each detection of the image is signalled with some form of pose information. It’s as simple as the location of the object, a location and a scale, or the extent of the object defined in terms of a bounding box. In some cases, the pose information is more detailed and contains the parameters of a linear or nonlinear transformation.

For example, for face detection in a face detector, the locations of the eyes, nose and mouth can be calculated, in addition to the boundary area of ​​the face.

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