Web Scraping Projects with Python

In this article, I will introduce you to 5 web scraping projects with Python. Web scraping is a task of collection of data from the web of any form by any means other than a program that interacts with an API.

5 Web Scraping Projects with Python

  1. Scraping Youtube and Download Videos
  2. Scraping Twitter without API
  3. Scraping and storing data to CSV
  4. Scraping Instagram with Python
  5. Build Your Web Scraper with Python

To be fair, web scraping is a fantastic area to start if you want a huge payoff for a relatively low initial investment. In all likelihood, 90% of the web scraping projects you will come across are based on techniques used only in the projects above.

Once you start web scraping, you start to enjoy all the little things that browsers do for us. The web, without a layer of HTML formatting, CSS styling, JavaScript execution, and image rendering, can seem a bit daunting.

A web browser is just code, and code can be taken apart, broken down into its basic components, rewritten, reused, and designed to do whatever we want. A web browser can tell the processor to send data to the application that manages your wireless (or wired) interface, but many languages ​​have libraries that can do that as well.

Hope you learn all about web scraping from the 5 projects above. Hope you liked this article on 5 web scraping projects with Python. Please feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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