Machine Learning Projects on Future Prediction

In this article, I will take you through 20 Machine Learning Projects on Future Prediction by using the Python programming language. In Machine Learning, the predictive analysis and time series forecasting is used for predicting the future.

Machine Learning Projects on Future Prediction

  1. Covid-19 Cases Prediction for Next 30 Days
  2. Employee Attrition Prediction
  3. Stock Price Prediction
  4. Earthquake Prediction Model
  5. Predict Tinder Matches
  6. Predict Car Prices
  7. Rainfall Prediction Model
  8. Predict Migration
  9. Predict Fuel Efficiency
  10. Weather Prediction Model
  11. Daily Births Forecasting
  12. Stock Price Prediction with Facebook Prophet Model
  13. Next Word Prediction
  14. Predict Diabetes
  15. Employee Turnover Prediction
  16. Weather Forecasting Model
  17. Predict Customer Churn
  18. Bitcoin Price Prediction
  19. Heart Disease Prediction
  20. Stock Price Prediction for Beginners

How to Predict Future with Machine Learning?

We can use current and historical data to make predictions using the techniques of statistics, data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. It brings together information technology, business modeling process and management to predict the future.

Businesses can appropriately use big data for their benefit by successfully applying predictive analytics. It can help organizations become proactive, forward-looking and anticipate data-driven trends or behaviours. It has grown considerably in parallel with the growth of Big Data systems.

Suppose an example of an online retail company, XYZ Inc. The company operates its retail business around the world through the Internet and sells a variety of products. Millions of customers visit XYZ’s website to search for a product that interests them. They research the features, prices, offers related to this product listed on the XYZ website.

Many products sell depending on the season. For example, the demand for air conditioners increases in summer and the demand for geysers increases in winter. Customers search for the product depending on the season.

Here, XYZ Company will collect all research data from customers who, in which season, customers are interested in which products. The price range that interests an individual customer.

How customers are attracted to offers on a product. What other products are purchased by customers in combination with a single product? Based on this collected data, XYZ Company will apply analyzes and identify customer needs. He’ll find out which individual customer will be drawn to what type of recommendation, and then approach customers via email and messages.

They will inform the customer that there is such type of offer on the products that the customer has on their website. If the customer returns to the website to purchase this product, the company will offer the other products which have been sold in combination with other customers.


If a customer starts buying frequently, then the business reduces the supply or increases the price for that individual customer. This is just one example and there are many other applications of predictive analytics some of the projects based on future prediction with Machine Learning are mentioned above.

I hope you liked this article on 20 Machine Learning projects on Future Prediction with Python. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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