Python GUI Projects for Beginners

Graphical User Interface or GUI is a user interface that allows a user to interact with a computer by using clicks and buttons and not only texts. In this article, I will take you through 7 Python GUI Projects for Python Beginners.

In Python, we have many libraries to design GUIs. Most popular ones are Tkinter and Kivy. Tkinter library is used for creating GUIs for a Desktop only whereas Kivy allows a user to even deploy the GUI application on a mobile phone. Tkinter follows a very pythonic way of building GUIs whereas Kivy has its language which is saved with an extension of file.kv.

7 Python GUI Projects

  1. OTP Verification GUI with Python
  2. Weight Converter GUI with Python
  3. Text Editor GUI with Python
  4. Python GUI App for Student Details
  5. Python Calendar GUI
  6. Password Generator GUI
  7. Python Clock App with Kivy

The projects above are based on Kivy and Tkinter. Tkinter is very easy to learn, It is as easy as Python. But you may not grab the fundamentals of Kivy easily so you can learn more about Kivy from here before getting started with the Python projects above.

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