GeoPandas in Python

GeoPandas is an Open Source Python package that offers the best combination of spatial data analysis and mapping functions in Python. In this article, I will introduce you to the concept of GeoPandas in Python programming language.

Introduction to GeoPandas

GeoPandas is an Open Source package that combines pandas data types, geometric shapely operations and several other packages like matplotlib for plotting. It implements two data structures, a GeoSeries and a GeoDataFrame, which are subclasses of pandas Series and DataFrame.

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A GeoSeries is essentially a vector where each entry in the vector is a set of shapes corresponding to an observation. The entries in a GeoSeries do not need to all be of the same geometry type, but some operations will fail otherwise.

It uses coordinate reference systems to tell Python how the coordinates associated with GeoSeries and GeoDataFrames relate to the Earth.

Creating Maps using GeoPandas in Python

Geopandas provides a high-level interface to the matplotlib library for creating maps. Mapping shapes is as easy as using the plot() method on a GeoSeries or GeoDataFrame. In general, all options that work with pyplot in matplotlib work with the plot() method.

I will be using Covid-19 deaths and confirmed cases to create maps using the Geopandas library in Python:


I hope you liked this article on creating maps using Geopandas library in Python programming language. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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