C++ Program to Calculate Power of a Number

In this article, I will take you through a C++ program to calculate the power of a number.

C++ Program to Calculate Power

2.5 raised to the power 3 yields: 15.625
2 + (5 raised to the power 2.5) yields: 57.9017

Understanding the above code:

In the code above, the pow() function is first called using the arguments x and 3.0, and the result, the power of x3, is assigned to y.

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Since the function call represents a value, other operations are also possible. Thus, the pow() function can be used to perform calculations for double values. For example, cout << 2.0 + pow (5.0, x);

This expression first adds the number 2.0 to the return value of pow (5.0, x), and then outputs the result using cout.

Any expression can be passed to a function as an argument, such as a constant or an arithmetic expression. However, the types of arguments must match those expected by the function.

Then the compiler refers to the prototype to verify that the function was called correctly. If the argument type does not exactly match the type defined in the prototype, the compiler performs a type conversion, if possible. For example, y = pow (x, 3);

The value 3 of type int is passed to the function as the second argument. But since the function expects a double value, the compiler will do a type conversion of int to duplicate.

If a function is called with an incorrect number of arguments, or if type conversion is not possible, the compiler generates an error message. This allows you to recognize and correct errors caused by calling functions at the development stage instead of causing runtime errors. For example, float x = pow (3.0 + 4.7);

The compiler recognizes that the number of arguments is incorrect. Additionally, the compiler will issue a warning, since a double, i.e. the return value of pow(), is assigned to a variable of type float.

I hope you liked this article on how to write a C++ program to calculate the power of a number. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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