Data Structures and Algorithms in C++

In this article, I’ll walk you through a comprehensive course on data structures and algorithms in the C++ programming language. We study data structures and algorithms to learn how to write more efficient programs.

Why Data Structures and Algorithms?

We study data structures and algorithms to learn how to write more efficient programs. But why do programs have to be efficient when new computers get faster every year?

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The reason is that our ambitions grow with our capabilities. Instead of making efficiency needs obsolete, the modern revolution in computing power and storage capacity only increases the efficiency stakes as we computerize more complex tasks.

The pursuit of program effectiveness does not and should not conflict with sound design and clear coding. Creating effective programs has little to do with “programming tips” but rather relies on the good organization of information and good algorithms.

A programmer who has not mastered the basic principles of data structures and algorithms is not likely to write effective programs.

Data Structures and Algorithms in C++

  1. Why C++?
  2. Installing C++ in VS Code
  3. Data Types in C++
  4. Input and Output Standard in C++
  5. If Else Statements
  6. Fundamentals of C++
  7. Arrays
  8. Understanding Loops
  9. Break and Continue Statements
  10. Switch Statements
  11. Pattern Programming using C++
  12. Concept of Namespace
  13. Practice Questions
  14. Understanding Functions
  15. Functions Practice Questions
  16. Time Complexity of Algorithms
  17. C++ Program to find Minimum and Maximum
  18. Linear Search Algorithm
  19. Binary Search Algorithm
  20. Selection Sort Algorithm
  21. Bubble Sort Algorithm
  22. Insertion Sort Algorithm
  23. Pointers in C++
  24. Subarrays in C++
  25. Two Dimensional Arrays
  26. The concept of Stack and Heap
  27. The concept of Strings 
  28. Bit Manipulation
  29. Recursion

We will keep updating this course with more challenges and complex problems. I hope you liked this article on the complete course on Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ programming language. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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