Machine Learning Projects

This article will introduce you to over 100+ machine learning projects solved and explained using Python programming language.

Machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence. As machine learning is increasingly used to find models, conduct analysis and make decisions without the final input from humans, it is equally important not only to provide resources to advance algorithms and methodologies but also to invest to attract more stakeholders.

This article on machine learning projects with Python tries to do just that: equip developers of today and tomorrow with tools they can use to better understand, assess, and shape machine learning to achieve success make sure it serves us all.

All machine learning projects below are solved and explained using the Python programming language. If you’re new to Python and want to explore it more before working on the machine learning projects below, you can download a free Python ebook from here.

Machine Learning Projects for Beginners

Before moving to the complex projects in the next section, I advise you to explore these beginner-level projects if you are new to Machine Learning. You only need knowledge of Python libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Malpotlib, Seaborn and Scikit-Learn to understand and work on the projects below:

  1. Online Payments Fraud Detection
  2. Future Sales Prediction
  3. Waiter Tips Analysis & Prediction
  4. Stock Price Prediction
  5. Flipkart Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  6. Stock Price Prediction with LSTM Neural Network
  7. Cryptocurrency Price Prediction for the next 30 days
  8. Article Recommendation System
  9. Netflix Stock Price Prediction
  10. Time Series Analysis
  11. Classification with Neural Networks
  12. Stress Detection
  13. AlexNet Neural Network Architecture
  14. Visualizing a Machine Learning Algorithm
  15. Training and Giving Inputs to a Machine Learning Model
  16. Product Demand Prediction
  17. Electricity Price Prediction
  18. Language Detection
  19. Adding Labels to a Dataset for Sentiment Analysis
  20. Pfizer Vaccine Sentiment Analysis
  21. News Classification
  22. Omicron Variant Sentiment Analysis
  23. Iris Flower Classification
  24. Water Quality Analysis
  25. Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  26. Squid Game Sentiment Analysis
  27. Comparison of Classification Algorithms
  28. Tata Motors Stock Price Prediction
  29. Health Insurance Premium Prediction
  30. Movie Rating Analysis for Beginners
  31. Number of Orders Prediction
  32. Apple Stock Price Prediction
  33. Insurance Prediction
  34. Worldwide Billionaires Analysis
  35. Unemployment Analysis
  36. Car Price Prediction Model
  37. Spam Detection
  38. Count Objects in Image
  39. WhatsApp Chats Sentiment Analysis
  40. WhatsApp Chats Analysis
  41. Microsoft Stock Price Prediction
  42. Covid-19 Vaccine Analysis
  43. Video Game Sales Prediction Model
  44. Student Grades Prediction Model
  45. Saving a Machine Learning Model
  46. Uber Trips Analysis
  47. Google Search Analysis
  48. Tesla Stock Price Prediction Model
  49. Financial Budget Analysis
  50. Click-Through Rate Prediction Model
  51. Interactive Language Translator
  52. Language Detection
  53. Create a Chatbot with Python
  54. Best Streaming Service Analysis
  55. Data Science Project on President Heights
  56. Data Science Project on Birth Rate Analysis
  57. Data Science Project on Time Series
  58. Data Science Project on Area and Population
  59. A Complete Machine Learning Project Walkthrough
  60. Text Summarization
  61. Keyword Extraction
  62. Data Science Projects on Finance
  63. Data Science Projects on Marketing
  64. End to end Machine Learning Projects
  65. Machine Learning Projects on Binary Classification
  66. Data Science Projects Based on Domains

Advanced Machine Learning Projects

Now, these are the projects where you will deal with real-time problems. You need to have some knowledge of Python libraries like Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch to understand and work on the projects below:

  1. Sarcasm Detection
  2. Social Media Followers Prediction
  3. Amazon Product Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  4. Hate Speech Detection
  5. End-to-end Hate Speech Detection System
  6. End-to-end Fake News Detection System
  7. End-to-end Spam Detection System
  8. Hotel Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  9. Real-time Gender Detection System
  10. Dogecoin Price Prediction
  11. Google Play Store Sentiment Analysis
  12. Amazon Alexa Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  13. Social Media Ads Classification
  14. Fake News Detection
  15. End-to-End Machine Learning Model
  16. Gender Detection
  17. Sales Prediction
  18. Currency Exchange Rate Prediction
  19. End-to-end Machine Learning Project
  20. Profit Prediction Model
  21. Automatic Time Series Forecasting
  22. Ted-Talks Recommendation System
  23. Real-time Sentiment Analysis
  24. Amazon Recommendation System
  25. Mobile Price Classification
  26. House Price Prediction
  27. Real-Time Face Mask Detection
  28. Gold Price Prediction
  29. Object Detection
  30. Next Word Prediction Model
  31. Age and Gender Detection with Python
  32. Autocorrect Keyboard with Python and Machine Learning.
  33. Machine Learning in 5 lines of code.
  34. Deepfake Detection with Machine Learning.
  35. Predict US Elections with Python.
  36. Fake Currency Detection with Machine Learning.
  37. Predict Tinder Matches with Machine Learning.
  38. Pencil Sketch with Python.
  39. OpenAI Gym in Machine Learning
  40. Fraud Detection with Machine Learning.
  41. Topic Modeling with Python
  42. WhatsApp Group Chat Analysis
  43. Network Security Analysis
  44. Handwriting Recognition
  45. Visualize a Solar System with Python.
  46. Hate Speech Detection Model


The above list of projects keep on updating every month, so you will always find some new Machine Learning projects that will help you to get a realtime experience of solving Machine Learning problems. 

I hope you liked this article on 100+ machine learning projects solved and explained by using the Python programming language. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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