Insertion Sort in C++

The insertion sort algorithm maintains a collection of sorted items and a collection of items to sort. In this article, I will walk you through the implementation of insertion sort in C++ programming language.

How does Insertion Sorting Work?

When implementing insert sort in a program, the algorithm keeps both sorted and unsorted collections in the same sequence structure.

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The algorithm keeps the array of sorted values ​​at the start of the sequence and selects the next unsorted value among the first of those that have not yet been positioned.

To position, the next element, the right place in the sequence of sorted values ​​is found by performing a search. After finding the right position, the slot should be opened by moving the elements one position down.

Process of Insertion Sorting

Implementing Insertion Sort in C++

To implement insert sorting in C++, we need to take an element from the unsorted array, place it in its corresponding position in the sorted part, and move the elements accordingly:

12 78 45 34 23 67
12 23 34 45 67 78

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