Convert PDF to Audiobook using Python

In this article, I will take you through how to convert a PDF to Audiobook using Python. An audiobook is a recording of a book. At the end of this article, you will learn to convert any pdf book to an audiobook.

Convert PDF to Audiobook using Python

To convert a PDF to an audiobook you need to install some Python packages; pyttsx3, PyPDF2 & pdfplumber. All these packages can be easily installed by using the pip command; pip install <package name>.

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After installing the above packages let’s import them and get started with the task:

import pyttsx3
import pdfplumber
import PyPDF2

The first step is to give the location and name of the pdf file that we can to convert to an audiobook:

file = 'C:/Users/<user_name>/Desktop/Book.pdf'

The second step is to get the number of pages present in the PDF file:

#Creating a PDF File Object
pdfFileObj = open(file, 'rb')

# creating a pdf reader object
pdfReader = PyPDF2.PdfFileReader(pdfFileObj)

#Get the number of pages
pages = pdfReader.numPages

Now we need to loop through the number of pages in the audiobook and then convert them into audiobooks by using text to speech:

with as pdf:
 #Loop through the number of pages
    for i in range(0, pages): 
      page = pdf.pages[i]
      text = page.extract_text()
      speaker = pyttsx3.init()

Here is the full code:

With this, we are done converting the PDF to an audiobook by using the Python programming language. I hope you liked this article, feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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