How To Learn Programming?

The high demand for programmers, developers and data scientists has attracted many people to join the field of computer science, research and development. But, more often than not, newcomers try to speed up the learning process to get a job faster. In this article, I’ll walk you through how to learn programming the right way.

The biggest mistake new programmers make today is focusing on how to learn syntax instead of learning how to solve a problem.

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Whatever career you prefer, such as a software developer, web developer, data scientist, or any other career requiring coding knowledge, one thing in common is knowledge of solving complex problems using your programming skills.

How to Learn Programming Correctly?

How To Learn Programming

Here I will introduce you to the three most important tips for how to learn programming correctly. All of this advice is based on developing the intuition and thought process to solve a programming question.

Solve Problems Logically:

The first trick to learning programming is to start logically solving your problems. Whenever you come across a problem, start explaining the problem to yourself and try to logically solve it with pen and paper first before writing any code.

It is very important to think logically as you learn programming. Learning the correct thought process and how to solve programming problems will help you reduce the time you spend solving problems in the future. It will also help you learn multiple programming languages ​​faster and more efficiently.

Learn about Data Structures and Algorithms:

Many newbies and some experienced programmers avoid learning data structures and algorithms because they think it is complicated and unnecessary in real applications.

While you can undoubtedly go a little further in your career without a solid knowledge of algorithms and data structures, a good grasp of these concepts will strengthen your knowledge base and allow you to be a better programmer.

Algorithms are not just a computer concept. An algorithm is a set of steps which, when followed, solve a specific problem. On the other hand, data structures are how your inputs and outputs are going to be presented.

Learn the Theory of Complexity:

The theory of complexity is one of the vital aspects that everyone writes code for a living, no matter what the code does it should be very familiar with.

The theory of complexity describes the performance of an algorithm concerning the size of the input and the way it is implemented. In Layman’s term, it describes the quality of your algorithm.

Computers, while capable of performing impressive tasks, have their limits. If you are developing an algorithm that is so complex that today’s computers cannot run it, it may not be beneficial.

When working in real applications and trying to solve a lot of problems, you should always keep the complexity of your answers in mind.

Here are the three most important tips for learning to program correctly. Hope you liked this article on how to learn programming. Please feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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  1. i am btech student present i am studying computer science third year.i know java,c and intermediate this year i will select ML as a mini project but i dontknow ML but i am interest in python how to learn python deeply i do not know even full of libraries in python like pandas,numpy i only know familiar names but donot know how use in real world please give me suggestions on this. As part of acedemic i learn data structures but not deep.i lost my covid time i do nothing but i do something on now.

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