Functions in C++ Programming Language

In C++ programming language, functions are the block of code that performs a specific task. In this article, I will introduce you to the concept of functions in C++.

Introduction to Functions in C++

In C++ programming language, functions are used if certain functionality is executed in more than one place in the software, then rather than writing the same code over and over again, we create a function and call it everywhere. This helps reduce code redundancy.

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Functions make the code easier to maintain because we have to change it into one up if we make any future changes to functionality. In the C++ programming language, you can use functions to make code more readable and easier to understand.

How to use Functions in C++ Programming Language?

In C++ programming language, a function can be declared using the syntax below:

return-type function_name (parameter 1, parameterĻ® …… parameter n) {
// function_body

Now let’s understand the above syntax that we need to use when declaring a function in C++ programming language.


The return type of a function is the data type of the variable that function returns. For example, if we write a function that adds 2 integers and returns their sum, the return type of that function will be “int” because we will return a sum that is an integer value.

When a function returns no value, in this case, the return type of the function is “void”.


This is the unique name of this function. It is always recommended to declare a function before using it.


A function can take certain parameters as inputs. These parameters are specified with their data types. For example. if we write a function to add 2 integers, the parameters would be passed as:

int add (int num1, int num2).

Main function:

The main function is a special function because the computer starts executing code from the start of the primary function. The main function serves as the entry point for the program.


Now let’s see how to write and execute functions in C++ programming language by going through a very simple example. So let’s create a function to add two numbers using C++:

Enter a :5
Enter b :7

So this is how we can easily declare and execute functions in C++ programming language. I hope you liked this article on the concept of functions in C++. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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