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C++ is an Object-oriented, low-level and ISO standard programming language. As a low-level language similar to and compatible with its predecessor C, C++ can generate very efficient and fast programs. In this article, I will take you through why you should learn C++ to get a job in companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.

You should learn C ++ because as an object-oriented programming language, C ++ has the power and extensibility to write large scale programs. C ++ is one of the most popular programming languages for all types of programs. Most of the programs you use on your computer every day are written in C ++.

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Apps written in C++
C++ is Everywhere😍

C ++ has also been certified as a 99.9% pure standard. This gives another reason to learn C ++ as it makes it a portable language. There is a C ++ compiler for every major operating system, and they all support the same C ++ language.

Introduction to C++

A computer is an incredibly fast, but incredibly stupid machine. A computer can do whatever you tell it to do (within reason), but it does exactly what it is told; nothing less and nothing more.

Perhaps, unfortunately for us, computers do not understand any reasonable human language. Computers understand a language known as computer language or machine language. It is possible but extremely difficult for humans to speak machine language.

Therefore, computers and humans agreed to somehow meet in the middle, using intermediate languages such as C ++. Humans can speak C ++ (sort of) and C ++ is converted into machine language for the computer to understand.

So Why To Learn C++?

In the early 1970s, a consortium of really clever people worked on a computer system called Multix. The goal of Multix was to give all houses inexpensive computer access to graphics, email, stock data and whatever. Of course, this was a crazy idea at that time and the entire concept failed.

A small team of engineers working for Bell Labs decided to save some portion of Multix in a very small, lightweight operating system that they dubbed Unix as the single task version of Multix.

Unfortunately for these engineers, they didn’t have one large machine but for several smaller machines, each from a different manufacturer. The standard development tricks of the day were all machine-developed which means that they need to rewrite the same program for each of the available machines. Instead, these engineers invented a small, powerful programming language named C.

C caught on like wildfire. Eventually, however, new programming techniques left the C programming language behind. Not to be outdone, the engineering community added equivalent new features to the C language. The result was called C++.

The C++ programming language consists of two basic elements:

  • Semantics: This is a vocabulary of commands that humans can understand and that can be converted into machine language, fairly easily.
  • Syntax: This is a language structure or grammar that allows humans to combine these C++ commands into a computer program that does something.

You will find very less support of external sources like libraries, API, modules and packages for the C++ programming language which makes gives another reason to learn C++ as it forces us to understand how computers work.

For these reasons C++ is an industry-standard language and it is also widely used as a primary language in competitive coding. 

With that being said if we look into the latest trend like data science and machine learning we imagine of Python as the first programming language which is not wrong but you should know that Python is used for Machine Learning because of the support of libraries it has from the community and most of the most used python machine learning libraries are created using C++.

Any programming language can die with the entrance of new languages, but languages like C and C++ can never die because either you should be the first or you should be the best is what the life is all about. 

So these were the common and most important reasons to learn C++. I hope you liked this article on why you should learn C++ instead of new languages. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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