Why C++ is the Best Programming Language?

In this article, I will take you through why C++ is the best programming language and why you should never ignore C++ just because it is not the most popular language among programmer right now.

Have you ever thought about how things work behind you? What about operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and iOS? What is behind the scenes of smart devices or drones? What language was Google Chrome written in?

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Well, I’m happy to tell you that the C ++ language is behind all of these things and more! C ++ is a powerful language for developing almost anything you can imagine, from PC applications to games, operating systems, robots and more! The sky is the limit with C ++.

Why C++ is Still The Best Programming Language?

There are many other programming languages out there with a host of cool features that make developing applications relatively easy. You might have heard of some of these languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript.

However, if you are new to programming and want a career in it, you need to learn C ++ first. This is because other modern languages, while convenient and simpler, rob you of the ability to learn important concepts that any successful programmer should know.

That being said, here are several reasons why C ++ is the best programming language you should learn:

C++ Makes You Learn How Computers Work:

C ++ is not holding your hand. It expects you to know certain things about how computers work, which opens up the possibility for you to learn! For example, pointers are a key feature of C ++. To use them effectively and write C ++ programs effectively, you need to understand what memory is and what a memory address is, and how your program uses memory.

The nature of C ++ requires you to declare the data type of your variable and the return type of your functions. So, you need to know more about the types of variables that computers understand, such as whole numbers, floats, doubles, characters, etc. C ++ is a compiled language so to run your program you must first compile it.

Wait what is the compilation? This is another important concept that you will learn to write C ++ programs! There are so many concepts that you learn while learning C ++ that it forms a solid foundation for your career. Since it teaches you how computers work, this is the most important reason C ++ is the best programming language you should learn.

C++ is Everywhere:

Without C++ I wouldn’t be able to write this article and you wouldn’t be able to read it, as tt’s used to build network applications to run the internet, applications we use for work and school, it’s used to run TV’s, cameras and almost everything digital that we use day today. 

C++ applications can run on any operating system and can even run on computers without an operating system. That means that by learning C++ you will be able to better understand the devices you use and be able to write applications for anything you want.

So practically we are dependent on C++ without knowing it on our daily digital needs. So that’s why C++ is the best programming language that you should learn.

C++ is Powerful and Fastest:

C ++ is the fastest programming language of all. This is because the C ++ programs we write are converted into bits and bytes that the computer can run at almost the speed of electricity. This conversion occurs when we compile our code.

C ++ is also a very powerful language, it can use all the capabilities of any computer it is running on and also has the ability to run on computers with very, very low resources. This flexibility makes it the perfect language to run on everything from supercomputers to tiny chips. Bottom line, C ++ is the Zeus of programming languages.

As C++ is still the most powerful and the fastest among all the programming languages so this is another reason why C++ is the best programming language that you should learn.

C++ Makes You a Better Programmer:

C ++ is difficult and tedious. It makes you think about how your application will interact with the machine it is running on. It prompts you to write efficient and ingenious code. Its limitless nature causes you to be more careful about how you write your code.

This is what will make you a better programmer. A good programmer should be able to do more than just make something work. They need to be able to make things work efficiently and reliably, and they need to understand the consequences of their code decisions. C ++ development reinforces these things, which will increase your notoriety as a developer.

There is no doubt why C++ is the best programming language if it helps you in making in a better programmer. Not only a better programmer but also a better competitive coder and it also helps in learning other programming languages easily.

So, I hope you liked this article on why C++ is still the best programming language that you should learn. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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