Front End Vs. Back End Vs. Full Stack

The role of a developer in an organization is one of the highest-paying roles. Whether it’s a stunning website, high performing e-commerce site, or any other web application based on a machine learning model, it is the work of a web developer only. But developers are of three types; front end, back end and full stack. In this article, I will introduce you to Front End Vs. Back End Vs. Full Stack Developers so you can choose the best field for yourself based on your career goals.

Front End Vs. Back End Vs. Full Stack

Front End

In Front End, the developer is required to manage the appearance and user interface. A Front End Developer should have proper knowledge of scripting languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Front End development is often what you hear most often when talking about web development or even mobile development. This is because front-end development is all that the user sees when interacting with a website.

Out of these three skills, the most important skill for a Front End Developer is JavaScript. JavaScript covers both HTML and CSS so if your goal is to become a Front End Developer you can start learning JavaScript.

Back End

Where the Front End Developer is required to work on the User Interface, a Back End Developer is required to fill the user interface with a lot of functionality. In today’s world when Machine Learning models are being used by every organization, here the role of a back end developer is to build machine learning models or to develop any software that can serve an organization. The programming part to fill a system with a lot of functionality is done by a Back End Developer.

Whereas the software or the machine learning model or any application which can serve and organization made by a back end developer are deployed into production by a Front End Developer. So if your goal is to become a Back End Developer you need to have proper knowledge of Python, Java, C or C++.

Full Stack

The Full Stack Developers are those who can work with both Front End and Back End Tasks with equal proficiency. Full Stack Developers are those who can build machine learning models or even can build a software application and also can deploy those applications into production.

A Full Stack Developer is a developer who can develop both the front and the back of a website. These developers are often the most experienced and sought after even though the job description only requires development on one side of the stack. This is because they have a comprehensive understanding of how a website is built and therefore can grow more effectively on either side of the stack.

So to become a Full Stack Developer you must be having a very good knowledge of Python, C, C++, or Java and JavaScript. A Full Stack developer will get a higher salary package than a Front End or a Back End developer. 

I hope you liked this article on Front End Vs. Back End Vs. Full Stack Developers. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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