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In this article, I will take you through the best Data Science Certifications available for Data Scientists and Machine Learning Experts. There are countless certifications on the internet today, but I have found the best Data Science Certifications for you that were once the career roadmap of some popular Data Scientists.

Importance of Data Science Certifications

There are many reasons for wanting to take a certification course in your career in data science; some may be more straightforward, such as a data science certificate, or a more indirect certificate, such as programming in Python. With in-person teaching and learning becoming less and less popular, even before the current state of the world, online learning is not seen as a mere asset, but almost as a requirement to become a science scientist.

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In the past, these certifications were not taken seriously, as online programs and certifications courses were not treated as a professional course, they were treated as some sources to additional knowledge but not complete a complete source of certifications. With the growth of technology and the affordability of theInternet, now online certifications carry the same weightage or maybe more if done from a very reputable platform.

Best Data Science Certifications

Here are some of the best machine learning and data science certifications available on the Internet:

TensorFlow Developer Certificate Program

TensorFlow is widely used by data scientists and machine learning engineers. It serves as an open-source platform that includes powerful libraries that drive your process of building machine learning models.

The program involves models on computer vision, convolutional neural networks, and natural language processing. Although the cost of the exam is $100, TensfowFlow recommends obtaining an education allowance from your current employer.

This certificate is useful if you are focusing on one or the other or both machine learning and deep learning. The certificate itself is of course not a tutorial, but only a certified method to confirm your success in TensorFlow.

However, they recommend the TensorFlow in practice specialization offered by Coursera. The best part about this specialization is that it covers everything related to TensorFlow for free. Only take the exam if you think the $ 100 fee is worth it or if you can get it with the allowance program.


SAS is perhaps the least used platform by data scientists. However, this statement can be turned into a positive affirmation because you can make sure that your skills are truly unique and one of a kind. You will be able to offer something that most data scientists cannot.

Where Python and R are the most used and known programming languages ​​used by both data scientists and machine learning experts, SAS is also a programming language, which is very much similar to SQL, that focuses on statistics.

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System. As a data scientist, you can slip dangerously into black-box machine learning. However, when you learn with SAS, you get some pretty granular statistics. The knowledge you will get in SAS will always help you to crack your interviews as a data scientist.

Google Machine Learning Certification

This is my favourite, perhaps it is the most difficult certification from Google. It is best to get this certificate if you are an expert in machine learning, but if you are a data scientist focusing only on models, this certificate will take you further in high-level deployment and programming.

You can choose the beta exam which allows you to become Google Cloud Certified, which saves you 40% on the cost, as well as exclusive Google-branded clothing.

Machine Learning Course – Thecleverprogrammer

We also have a machine learning course, it is for them who don’t want to pay for certifications but want to get the best knowledge of everything in machine learning.

This machine learning course is for those who are learning machine learning on their own. Yes, it’s possible to learn it on your own, you just need to follow the course step by step and then if you start working on real-world tasks you will be an expert in machine learning.

I hope you liked this article on the best machine learning and data science certifications on the internet. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below.

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