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If you are thinking to choose Python as your first programming language then here in this article, I will take you through why you should think about it again to choose Python as the first programming language. Python is becoming a very popular language that’s probably why you want to learn it, and that’s good. But I would like to briefly explain why it is so hot, and should you choose the most popular language to start programming?

Why Python is Getting Popular?

Python is hot primarily because it has everything you need for the type of software development that drives everyone in software development these days. Machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence, and data science are cutting edge technologies today and for the foreseeable future. Python is popular mainly because it already has a lot of functionality in these areas, while many older languages ​​are lagging behind in these technologies.

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Just as there are different brands of toothpaste, shampoo, cars, and just about any other product you can buy, there are different brands of programming languages ​​with names like Java, C, C ++, and C #. These are all programming languages ​​just like all toothpaste brands are. The main reasons cited for the current popularity of Python are:

  • Python is relatively easy to learn.
  • Everything you need to learn in Python is totally free.
  • Python offers more out-of-the-box tools for today’s technologies like data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics than most other languages.

So What is Wrong with Python?

Python is too simple. Important elements of object-oriented programming are missing. An experienced programmer will learn Python for specific needs while mastering the OOP concept, and there are many reasons why a beginner should not choose Python as the first programming language:

  • On some level, it makes coding easier. But, in my opinion, this is terrible for new programmers. They need to be aware of the types of objects they are creating, and it becomes much more difficult in the Python language.
  • In Python, there is no need for interfaces. Interfaces are important for new programmers to understand the concept of encapsulation. But in Python, writing interfaces are not practised.
  • Today there are over 137,000 Python libraries. Libraries are a set of useful functions that eliminate the need to write code from scratch. This is not a good practice for someone who is new to coding as it will significantly reduce their learning curve.
  • If you don’t know, Python is written in the C language, just like most of its libraries. Usually, the libraries of a programming language are generally written in the same language but in the case of Python, most of the libraries are written in C and C ++.
  • Many developers like Python’s indentation. However, code with braces would be better for beginners. It offers a much clearer view and completely differentiates the blocks of code which are easily understood by them.

So Should You Choose Python as First Programming Language?

In one of my articles, I shared my journey which was about my journey from Commerce to Machine Learning, which you can read from here. I am coming from a non-programming background, I never choose python as a first programming language. I started with Java as the first programming language.

Now I will not say that I am an expert in Java, but I am well aware of the basics and the fundamentals of loops of Java. Python loops are simple as declaring a variable in Java, but the loops of Java and C++ are much difficult to understand if you have started with python as the first programming language.

I would better advise you to start with C ++ or Java to develop a better understanding of the concept of object-oriented programming. The reality is, that there can never be a perfect programming language for every task like we have JavaScript for Web Development, C for OS, and Python for Machine Learning.

Python is a good programming language, but you should consider learning it after you know the basics of at least one object-oriented programming language. Also learn it if you are specifically looking for a career in machine learning, AI, or data science.

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I hope you liked this article on whether you should choose Python as the first programming language or not. Feel free to ask your valuable questions in the comments section below. You can also follow me on Medium to learn every topic of Machine Learning and Python.

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